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Jeanne - 2004-07-13
I have 2 lovely lionheads and they are currently trying to breed. I really enjoy them so much. They remind me of manatees!


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Alexander Benvenuto - 2004-07-12
I have a regular gray female named cici she and i do everything together. I am getting another cockatiel soon. It will be a lutino. I love cockatiels and i think about them all the time.

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Polar - 2004-07-12
I have kept 2 Balloons for a few months already. I find them easy to keep and fairly low maintanence. These fish are very responsive and will often turn and look if someone passes close to the tank. They usually fight with each other over food.

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Anonymous - 2004-07-12
I have the most special holland lop ever! He is sweet and very caring. His name is Floppy because of his ears. When he runs they flop up and down.I had one who died about 2 yrs. ago.I thought I would never be able to have one again until I met Floppy. He was just a tiny baby when I fell in love with him. Almost a year and a half I still call him my baby boy. I will never give up on him.

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Nicky C - 2004-07-12
i am a swordtail breeder and i have 15 tanks with over 2000 swortail babies which started from the 1 pair and still increasing.

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Eli - 2004-07-12
My lorikeet was given to me by a vet surgeon when i took my budgie up there for a check up. Her name is Cherry but somehow she gets called Cheryl. she is full of personality and very loving to me only ... she is almost like a bodyguard. if someone slaps me or puts there hand on me she lunges and bites them HARD! hehehehe! she sleeps on the head of my bed and snuggles in the morning. i must say she has brought a lot of joy into my life :)

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Anonymous - 2004-07-12
My boyfriend bought me a fantail when he asked me to senior prom. We had "joint custody" of it when I went to college an hour away. I took it back this summer and read that they are communal fish so I tried to buy him a small red hooded one for a friend. The new fish was undetectably sick and died a few days later. About 4 days later, my prom fish died. Just a word for the wise, shop around before you add goldfish to your existing ones- visit the place you buy them from a few times and check to make sure none of the fish in their tank are ill.

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taralynn and kim - 2004-07-11
me and my cuzzie are absolutely crazy about guineas. I have 4 of them and my cuzzie has 47. no we are not joking you. see, when i was up at my cuzzies house, we decided to go looking for a pig because 1 of my guineas had recently passed away and i was looking for another. we got nibbles and my cuzzie fell in love with them. about a week later she got 2 of them and then she just kept getting more until she had 26. then she split the boys and girls up but she missed a boy in the girls cage so now that 1 boy guinea is a proud father of 30. since she had so many she had to give some away. now she has 47 and we just love them all

Taralynn and kimmy

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steph - 2004-07-10
My two Russian hamsters Tootsie and Ollie have now had their babies! I wrote and told you about it before in this hamster comment section!
They had 9 baby hamsters but sadly one died. All is going well and she is looking after then properly.
She had them at 8ish yesterday morning! Ill write another comment soon so you know how they are doing.

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Lee - 2004-07-10
I love bubble eye fish too but I got a bigger problem then getting his bubble stuck in the filter. It stuck twice, shrunk until not seen and then it grew back. But alas, it grew back twice the size. So my bubble eye is very healthy but the sacs have since grown so big that he cannot see properly. He cannot even breathe properly as the sacs keep obstructing his mouth, and most importantly, the sacs are too heavy for him. He can hardly swim and that means he has no strength to swim up for food. Guys, really appreciate if anyone out there got a remedy. I love my bubble eye and do not want him to die like that.


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