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Fish keeper - 2004-04-18
Mollies are great pets, easy to keep, and are prolific breeders. I have had mollies for just a week and now have 53 more. If you want to breed fish, try mollies, they seem to breed the best out of all the livebearers.

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KENJI HIRAI - 2004-04-18
I love have one of these sharks because there small and very easy to take care of . Note:THIS SHARK IS THE ULTIMANTE SALT WATER FISH!!!!!!

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Bryan - 2004-04-18
I have had a few and they are really interesting fish. I saw them on the discovery channel and discovered that they can eat birds and insects and grow over 5 feet in the wild. I really want to try and breed them but they are kinda expensive.

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Jesse Joseph - 2004-04-17
I love this fish. It is so energetic. I love the way it darts around the tank really fast. And it never tries to eat any of my other fish. Mine is only about 3 inches long, so it is still a baby.

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Anonymous - 2004-04-17
Mini Rexes are beautiful and I love their soft fur. I would recomend a Mini Rex to any one.

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Iraida - 2004-04-17
Hi there ,
I just wanted to say that I got 2 budgies today and looking forward to loads of fun! I had NO clue they were called budgies i know them as parakeets. anyways it says here that some can learn to talk ... any one have one that has talked ???

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Aaron - 2004-04-17
In my tank i keep 2 Ryukins and they are great fish to have. Mine seem to love eating flakes and benefit a great deal from each other. Ryukins also look great too.

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Krisy Whitaker - 2004-04-17
My Blood Parrots are Surviors! When My husband and I moved to a new place he forgot them in the back of his truck all night in the cold weather. My friend and I found them in the garage the next morning almost frozen in only an inch of water. We rushed them inside added warm water and set up the filter praying they wouldnt die. Sure enough they came back to life and were swimming around and full of life. Later that day I asked my husband why he left them in the garage he said he thought that they were dead, I said no they were just frozen. He kinda laughed but felt bad that he almost killed them. There is a good part to this story which is, now that Ozzy and Sharron (the fishies names) have survied they are smarter than ever. they are even smart enough for the tricks we trained them for. So we are very greatful!

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Laura - 2004-04-17
There cool looking. I wish I had one.

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Michael Stein - 2004-04-16
Hi I am Michael Stein. I have a Teddy bear hamster named Speedy. I sometimes give it food with my hands. Now if I try to hold it without him getting out of my hands he tries to bite me. I try doing it every day. I think it is healthy to give a hamster a treat every week such as zucchini. I learned a lot from your website but I think you shoud put more pictures of hamsters. thanx.


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