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tim - 2004-08-03
guinea pigs are the best pets you can ever have

tim - 2004-08-03
guinea pigs are so cute just today my guinea pig [pieces] reached up on my hand and got a carrot up high! guinea pigs are most definitely the best pet in the world

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Phoenix - 2004-08-03
Hi, I run an animal santuary in England and keep 4 hedgehogs (2 male and 2 female) in what used to be my utility room. I have partioned the room off into four parts so they are all kept individually. They are all relatively timid but do not mind handiling. You have to handle them gently as they are delicate. They each have a bird house to sleep in and it has hay in it.
Mine get active at around five to eight in the evening, they are very playful. I made them each a wooden wheel which they enjoy. I feed them on dry cat food and water with a little bit of kitten milk in.
They are taken to the vets on a regular basis (I have had no health problems with them yet) along with all my other animals.

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Phoenix - 2004-08-03
I run an animal sanctuary in England and have got 3 female racoons. They are about 4 months old now and delightful.
I keep them in an enclosure of 25 by 20 feet. And feed them 3 times daily on ferret and cat food.
They have had no medical problems yet fortunately but I take all my animals to the vet regularly for check ups.
They are great to keep as they are not aggressive and are not threatened by my cats or dogs. One of my dogs is quite fond of them.
They occasionally bite but only playfully like a cat would do.

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hollie - 2004-08-03
I have adopted a male mini lop, his owner was no longer able to care for him. Flick looks just like a puppy, with his huge floppy ears.
Mini lops have such big personalties and are wonderful pets.

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Jennifer - 2004-08-02
We have 2 platies that were a gift to my son on his 5th birthday. They have been GREAT as a fish for beginners. It turns out they are very hardy fish and have survived (and thrived) despite the fact that we are just learning how to keep an aquarium healthy. They even survived a bout with "protozoan velvet" parasite that must have come from the pet store. I love how energetic and colorful they are, and have become as attached to the little buggers as my son is.

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Jahsirah - 2004-08-02
I have an albino rex that feels like a chinchilla. He likes to sit on my lap and get petted, just like my cats!

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Anonymous - 2004-08-02
Black mollies really are fun fish. After keeping them for a while, I learned that you could convert them to a saltwater fish. They seemed to make a great addition to my saltwater tank!

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john - 2004-08-01
One of my favourite tangs. A must have for any marine tank! Does not take traveling well, and rather delicate at first. but once settled, with good quality water, it can be the star of the aquarium for a long time! Very lively fish too, always on the move. I never had a really aggressive one but it can be rather territorial with other tangs.

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Brandi - 2004-08-01
I just recently got a polish dwarf rabbit. Her name is Mandie. I love her so much. She brings alot of happiness into my life. She is only 4 weeks old. I am going to keep her inside. I want to litter train her but I think she is to young because when I put her corner box in her cage she tries to eat the litter and her waste :(. I am going to wait till she is a little older to try and train her. Polish dwarfs can be very sweet and loving and I recomend them to anyone who is willing to take time every day to make sure they have enough love, attention, and care that they need.


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