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michael parise - 2004-07-18
I have this shark. It was very shy for about 2 months when I first introduced it to my aquarium. But he finally came around and now he is all over the tank, loves to eat, and is great to view under black lights at night. What a hunter at night when you put in some feeder fish, great show. Michael parise 04/18/04

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Gloria - 2004-07-18
I have had my redtail for about 5 months, and am really intrigued by him. He eats like a horse. We feed him smelt, feeders, and pellets. I discovered one morning that my full-sized Jack Dempsey was missing in a haze of filmy water that was once crystal clear eight, hours prior to the discovery. Make sure you keep your tank stocked with feeders at all times or you will surely see a disappearing act in the morning. I highly recommend this fish, as he truly is a conversation piece.

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Louise - 2004-07-17
Got a beautiful baby Lutino 3 weeks ago and he is an absolute darling! He will walk around my neck preening my hair, nussle into my cheek and loves to be petted. I am allergic to animal fur and never thought I would be able to have a "loving" pet, but now I know I was wrong.

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Kit - 2004-07-17
Be careful with Chinese Algae eaters. They will occasionally nibble algae, but once they discover the wonders of fallen flake food, they will prefer that over algae. Chinese Algae eaters also tend to nibble on other fish when they get bored. They are particularly fond of the slime coatings and trailing fins of my angelfish and betta. If you are looking for an interesting fish to eat your surplus of algae, you would be better off trying to find a Siamese Algae Eater. He looks similar, but not the same as the Chinese Algae Eater. My Siamese Algae Eater, Sludge, does a great job with all the algae that pops up in my planted tank.

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Steve Wright - 2004-07-17
Zebra Morays are an easy to keep, beautiful and hardy eel. I have never had trouble feeding mine. It likes freeze dried krill, and table shrimp and scallops from the store. An excellent pet, your family and friends will love to watch.

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gourami1234 - 2004-07-16
Angelfishes are very nice fishes with big brains.they are beautiful fishes with colors as vibrant as the rainbow

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mark - 2004-07-16
I just bought a Naso Tang and he/she is doing great. I love them, they are beautiful fish. I just thought I would add that they love purple algea, brine shrimp, blood worms, and formula two. I recommend giving them formula two because of the garlic, it boosts there immune system. Also note for Sarah and Duke Dellaroco do a 5 gallon water change weekly instead of a 25 gallon monthly. The less more often the better. Hope this helps anyone thinking of getting one.

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madison - 2004-07-16
i am getting a parakeet in two days....i cant wait/....:)

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Marcus Barber - 2004-07-16
I first bought 15 feeder goldfish at 5 for a dollar 3 years ago. The nice lady at the pet store gave me one extra. They were only about an inch long. In the past 3 years 3 have died but the rest are between 5 and 6 inches long. They seem to be growing too fast but that is probably only because I have kept them in an outdoor tank. I guess you could call it a tank it is actually a huge tractor tire that is approximately 450 gallons and is directly hooked to a well and has water available anytime. There is a faucet thing underwater that is tied to a plastic float. All I have to do is push the float down and water comes out. The tank is about 4 foot across and 3 foot deep. I keep them there all year round even in the winter. It freezes about 2 inches solid every year about every day in the winter. I am only 14 years old so I`m out of school during the winter because of snow so I have this sledge hammer to bust the ice gently so not to scare the fish. The tank doesn`t have any sort of filtration just when I dip out about 10% of the water every day.

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Amanda - 2004-07-15
I have a pet mouse that is white with red eyes! It is so tiny. It is a little girl. Her name is Rainy and she came from petfort! I have had her for three days. I need a better cage!


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