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mark - 2004-07-27
I had a porcupine puffer about 7 inches long when I introduced a Green Wolf Eel approx 5 inches long. The puffer is always curious about tank mates but has never shown aggression towards the wolf, they get along fine.

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Josefine - 2004-07-27
i got a piggie about 1 month ago. she is about 3 months old and TINY!!! i just want peple 2 now she is the bestpet ever!~!!!!!!!

Pratyusha - 2004-07-27
GUINEA PIGS ARE SO CUTE!I have two of my own named autumn and spring and they love to be the center of attention. whenever they are running around the house and see a guest, they just trot up to them until they are petted. they are such sweeties!!!

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Morgan - 2004-07-27
I just got 2 female teddy bear hamsters! Their names are daisy & allie! I love them alot! Oh......dont worry they are in SEPERATE cages!

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Andrea - 2004-07-27
I just bought a Naso Tang today....He is a beautiful fish, but I hear they can get up to 20 inches. Hopefully my 125 gallon tank is adequate for him. I also have a Yellow Tang, so I have been watching to make sure they get along...wish me luck!

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Andrea - 2004-07-27
I have had my yellow tang for about 7 months. He is an awesome fish. I have named him "jaundice" because of his yellow color. Hahahha...(jaundy for short). I absolutely love him as much as anyone could love a pet!!

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debbie - 2004-07-26
I have a Dwarf Rabbi, I only had him for about a month and a half . He is so cute cuz he is white and that is why I called him Snowy.His eyes are red and his ears are very long! I am still quite young and my parence baught the rabbit for me because I passed from the school Exams !!I love my rabbit very much and I hope he is going to live for long cuz I did not have a lot of luck with annimals before when I got two guiney pigs, but if I take good care of it , hopefully, it will not die soon!

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Craig - 2004-07-26
this one of my favourite fish to keep. it is pretty good with other fish although mine did chase and nip my zebra moray eel. one bad point about this fish is it makes hell of a mess in your tank, digging holes in the substrate, and toppling rock work.

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Alysha.T. - 2004-07-26
I am actually just getting one today and im very excited. I have many other rabbits but not a holland-lop so I have been searching on the internet for things about holland-lops and they seem like really great pets. I love rabbits and im sure that this one will be great to.

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Jas - 2004-07-26
I have a 90 gal tank with three Gold Gourami (2 male and one female), 1 Albino Rainbow Shark, 3 Neon Tetras, 1 mini-crab, and a Hypostomus Plecostomus. I have some live plants in the tank (Cabomba and Frill). Anyway, the gourami have bullied the the other fish into the plants for quite a while. They eventually allowed the other fish to come out. They still do not really care for the other fish, but they do put up with them. Gold Gourami are pretty aggressive- do not let the books fool you! They can be very vicious if they want.


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