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Marcus Hargreaves - 2004-06-10
CAUTION : These fish are argrssive i have 12 in a 600L tank, with other fish species, they have physically harmed my other fish by beating/eating them until they die!:o even if the fish are TWICE as big as them. They are beautiful fish but in larger schools their behavor is brutal and lethal.

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Anonymous - 2004-06-09
i have a 3ft by 1.5 x 1ft tank and my yellow gourami chases my bluey one around the tank, the blue one hides behind the fluvo filter must just be an agressive spieces or something

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CHANTELLE - 2004-06-09
I Have a 2-year-old male ringneck named chicken! I have had him since he wes just 10 days old. He talks and is very affectionate, he loves giving kisses (acoompanied by the appropriate moises, of course). He is very clever and loves his toyw (which he tosses onto the floor as quickly as he can, one of his favourite games). He likes to put a small toy into a deoderant cap and shake it like a rattle, or uses one toy as a bat and the other as a ball and runs around on the carpet "playing hockey". He is the cutest little thing ever and I love him to bits. NOTE: They need a lot of attention and are not quiet about letting you know about it.

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Kelly S - 2004-06-09
All hamsters are very special pets. I find that i like the dwarf the best. i dont know why i just think that they are so cute and when you have them out to run around they do the cookiest little things. i have 2 gals my self and they are just the sweetest angels. Dwarf hamsters dont make much of a mess with the waste and they are just lovable little things, i love them.

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Fat freak josh - 2004-06-08
I have thirty gallon aquarium in which I have many assorted fish and amongst those are two fairly small pink kissing gouramis. The two kissing gouramis are very peaceful and fun to watch. One likes to "kiss" or rather suck on every glass surface, heater, or pebble it sees while the other just appears to be kissing the water. I highly recommend this fish for larger peaceful aquariums.

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Fat freak josh - 2004-06-08
Guppies are an awesome, beautiful, hardy fish that are easy to breed. I breed guppies and they never fail to amaze me on how many new brilliant and vivid color patterns or mixes the new babies have. The guppy is a type of fish that is perfect for experts and newcomers into the aquarium hobby alike.

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kylie - 2004-06-07
I do not have a netherland dwarf but my rabbits are related. I breed and raise dwarf Hotots. They are so friendly and loveable. They love your attention and they also love a massage occationally.(: These little charmers will steal your heart, but they have so much energy and cannot stay in a cage all day. Although this can sometimes be a problem, their friendly and loving attitude makes up for it.
A loving owner

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Heth - 2004-06-07
I have recently bought 2 really cute guinea pigs. I called them Bubble and Squeek when i had only had hem a few minutes. As they grew older I realized Squeek squeeks ( Whenever i see her she goes EEEK! ) and my other one bubbles! Bubble is cream and Squeek is ginger and white and she is peruvian.
A couple of weeks ago I noticed Bubble getting fatter, and 2 weeks ago she had 3 really cute babies. I am keeping one of the babies who is ginger/brown and white. We found out squeek is a girl though so they can stay together.
The babies have great fun having 2 mums and they love to hide in Squeeks long fur!
I luv this site its great!

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Samantha Bahre - 2004-06-07
My mini lop just had another litter of seven. Everytime i look at baby mini lops, i cant get over how so cute they are.

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Lisa - 2004-06-07
I had a cute little black and white dutch rabbit named nibbles.I treated her like my little girl.Sadly she died yesterday in my arms at the vets office.She died of flystrike.I did not find the cause until i did my own research on the internet last night.I had her for the last nine months,and miss her very dearly already.She was the first bunny i ever owned.She will be missed greatly.


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