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Laura - 2004-06-03
i have had many dutch rabbits and all with a good temprament sadly my last one died a couple of months ago and is missed and still loved with all my heart, he was the best rabbit in the world he was so friendly and loving he was just like one of the family! i am definatly considering another dutch i would strongly recomend this pet.

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gords - 2004-06-02
i have four beautiful giant gouramis (2 albinos and 2 common) and i intend to breed them soon. - gords

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Kasandra - 2004-06-02
Clownfish are so fun and im looking forward to getting one of my own, but i need help in areas such as how many times to feed them a day, how to know that they are sick...ect. I do have my tank set up with the right sand and salt so that is all ready.
p.s the movie Finding Nemo was very cute!!

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Terry Logan - 2004-06-02
We recently acquired our first mice - 3 of them and were told they were all female. Well, 2 were female. We put the two females in a separate cage because you could tell they were about to deliver. One of them did. They first born was eaten by the other pregnant female. So they were separated. Any comments would be welcomed.
Thanks, Terry

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Annemarie Pedersen - 2004-06-02
my boyfriend wanted to buy me a bunny for our 1 year anniversary, so we went out looking for a bunny that I would like to take home, originally looking for a dwarf, or a micro. But unfortunatly, all the places that we looked either had all males (i really wanted a female) or all white (I wanted something different than the rest) Then we went to another store, and there she was, white with tan brown spots over her eyes, cheeks, ears, and down her back. I fell in love with her instantly. We called her mocha and she is such a sweet, gentle bunny. She is now getting used to hopping out of her cage when i open it, and responding to her commands. I am very very excited to have her. Greatly recommended for any wanna be bunny owner.

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Adam - 2004-06-02
Hello love the site. I have a Redtail catfish as well, he is quite big at almost 3 feet long. Hes the best fish I have ever owned and is very clever. He is like one of the family and eats allmost 90 Goldfish a month. Im going to start feeding him trout soon as well as fruit. Hes in a tank which is 6 foot long, 2 and a half wide, and 2 and a half deep but he seems happy for now.

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Lydia Borilovic - 2004-06-02
I never thought I would be into fish but when I saw the bubble-eye I fell in love. They are the funniest little fishies, who would have thought that fish could be so entertaining? I could watch their swimming style and the way they rub their little bubbly cheeks against each other every now and then, for hours on end.
I think it is really cool that their eyes are at the front of their face and that they can look straight out at you from the tank.

These fish have personality plus. I have two and they are called Cherry (short for Cherub) and Cooky, because he is. Cooky is cool because he swims upside down in the tank scanning the gravel... Amazing!!

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Barbara Lavelle - 2004-06-01
I have several dwarf hamsters. They can be very sweet, however they are extremely territorial as a general rule and are very prone to bite when they are inside their cage. Once they are out of there cage they can be alot of fun. As with any animal or human, personalities can vary and you will need to take time to get to know your pet. You will soon find out their unique personalities and hopefully have a mutually rewarding friendship.

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Dedra Craig - 2004-06-01
I recenty got a White New Zealand. Her name is Mary Margret and she will run around chewing on her toys and throwing them in the air and chasing the kittens for about 5 minutes then she will rest for about 5 minutes, because it TOATLY wears her out due to her large size, then she will do it all over again!

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Dedra Craig - 2004-06-01
I do love the dawrf breeds, but they can get a bit wild. Because they are so little they can do alot without getting to tired, much like a litte child, so if you are thinking of getting a rabbit for your kid or if this is your 1st rabbit I would highly suggest getting a larger breed. Also , this is the breed of rabbit that many people get for gifts as Easter presents, a rabbit is a good gift as long as: 1. you know that the person receving it really wants one and will care for it 2. the person comes with you to get it 3. the person understands that a rabbit can live up to 8-10 years and will need to be cared for EVERY SINGLE DAY and that you cannot let a house rabbit out in the wild and expect it to live very long. If you do, THEY WILL BE TERRIFIED AND DIE. Do not get me wrong I LOVE the breed I just think that this is a rabbit for experienced bunny people and that too many kids are getting rabbits as Easter presents and the parents just do not realise that they are making an expensive LONG TERM COMMITMENT!!!


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