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castro - 2004-03-08
this r the cutest fish ever. i have 5 of them. they r so cute you would want to kiss them

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joshua - 2004-03-07
I have had a Jack Dempsy for about nine years now and i can say that he is the best pes i have ever bought!!!! Although he is very aggressive he will not let any fish in his tank except this sucker fish which is a lil bigger then he is. He has a spectacular color probably the coolest color iv ever seen. I would recommend this fish to any one!

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Chuck - 2004-03-07
I have a 20 year old timneh named Damascus ( due to the damascus steel like pattern her feathers make) she loves to mimic my car alarm
the microwave the phone, chopping noise from the kitchen , when I am clipping my nails she makes the same clic -clic -clic she will shake claw, do two type of flapping, dance, circle, get in her cage when told to all on command. This is a bird that needs love interaction and stimulus, you can not just put it in a cage and look at it you have to make it part of your flock. A vey loving and intelligent bird!

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Erin - 2004-03-07
i love this site for animal information!!! it is so helpful to learn about the animal at home for backround info and then talk to the pet store. your site is awesome. again i say that it is almost the most helpful site for animals.

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Erin - 2004-03-07
i have a second hand quaker and this site really helped fix some problems!!! i was amazed by how much he improved just from the help of this site.

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Tracy - 2004-03-07
I love platies! I have only two right now, in a 10 gal. tank, and they are both females. One of them is pregnant. I hope all goes well though because I am going to let her have them in the community tank, and although I have only one other fish, the frey are still at risk. I have had other platies, 2 male, which were the first that I started with. One of them died a few months later. The other was my favorite, and he also died about a month or so after the first one. During the so little time I had with my last male platy, I got him a friend, a female friend, and was he happy! She is still here, and now she has a new friend. :)

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Toni - 2004-03-07
i hav a dutch called Zac he is 8 months old but hes still my baby im 13 and he is a perfect pet he is calm and friendly and really nosey lol he lovs helpin me out wiht my hwk by chewin the corners but the teachers just laugh when i go in and tell them my rabbit ate my hwk

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victoria - 2004-03-07
i have a hamster and he is a male teddy bear hamster and i think that they are a great pet to have because they are sweet, cute, and very nice to have around! so if you are thinking of a pet to get i would say get a hamster.

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monkey - 2004-03-07
wow! these fish are really great.

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Barbara - 2004-03-06
I have heard and read that gouramis are peaceful, but I tried to put my male flame gourami and my dwarf gourami together, and they fought. They were relentless. My honey(gold)gouramis also fought.


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