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Robert - 2004-07-22
I had a male black dutch from 1997 - may 2003... very well behaved rabbit. They shed alot in the change of seasons. Always keep an eye on this, hairballs can occur. Mine died from a hairball.
Pensacola, FL USA

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Kourtney - 2004-07-22
i have a tank with a huge 7 incher and i have a very small 1 inch kissing gourami and they are the cutest guys i have.

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mark - 2004-07-22
I have 3 of these tetras in my small tank with a small black molly, 2 platies, and a swordtail and have had no trouble.

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kari - 2004-07-22
I think that purchasing a Percula because of a movie like Finding Nemo is stupid. True, the movie was good, but you should not buy one because of a movie. The Percula is a beautiful and fun fish, but having one for that reason is redundant. I bet there are hundreds of Percula out there that have the name Nemo already.

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Kim Cartwright - 2004-07-21
We have two black moors, Miriam and Keef. They live with a goldfish named Daisy. We just love our black moors, they hang in the tank floating around. They use their little fins to walk along the bottom of the tank and with the sun on them they are the prettiest little things. So placid and happy, we just love them. We called one Miriam cause we were not sure if it is a girl or a boy and Keef cause our favourite saying is "My names Keef" We just love them to bits....

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chandra - 2004-07-21
there so cute

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ash - 2004-07-21
i only recently bought a female and male pearl gourami, but already they are one my most active and peaceful fish in my 180 litre tank. theyre kept with a rope fish, a red-finned shark, 10 columbia, 95 tetras and about 4 danios (the rope fish ate the other danios). they both get along great with all the inhabitants and an absolute bargain of a fish.

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Dan - 2004-07-21
Have purchased a blue ribbon eel just two weeks ago. Have had no problems in feeding it we just offered it fresh green prawns. They sink to the bottom and it has a chance to eat them. Dan and Amy.

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Amy - 2004-07-20
I have had several different Gouramis and think they are very hardy and beautiful fish. But, I have a very aggressive "killer" blue Gourami on my hands. Over the past year and half he has tormented and caused the death of at least 10 fish. At one time I had him in a separate tank, but it broke, so back he went with the other fish and in the past month has killed my Gold Gourami. Things seem to be okay for now, but I have several hiding places for all the other fish. He is very much the king of the tank.

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terry - 2004-07-20
I have kept Silver Dollars for about three years now, they are a very nervous and shy fish and do better in numbers of three or more. They are a wonderful fish to keep and have had no problems apart from them eating every plant in my tank! Need to feed them plenty of veg such as lettuce. Have kept them with medium Tetras and angels and all are fine. Best to keep them in a larger fish tanks mine are in a 55 gallon tank.


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