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Anita - 2004-08-21
I too have a racoon, named Robbie. He is about 1 year old now and is a fun little guy. I agree that if your not willing to spend the time, money and energy, dont adopt a racoon. I have been bitten,scratched and managed to survive. The only time he bites is when he is startled or in his "got to find a woman" mode. When he was small, he would climb up my pant leg as if I were a tree. This is alright during jean season, but the shorts, boy does that hurt! I would not suggest a racoon as a pet unless you are serious about their care. Because if they become use to people and approach them they might become frightened and report them, and then we know how it could end.

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melvyn - 2004-08-21
i have a nicaraguin in a tank with other central american cichlids and she is the boss of the tank

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Jennifer - 2004-08-21
I just got my first dwarf rabbit today, and I named her short stuff. I only got her for 12$! so far, I think I like the breed.

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Eloise - 2004-08-20
I only got two Black Moor fish this morning but they have already settled in. They seem lively and happy.

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Patty - 2004-08-20
I have two teddy bear hamsters. Their names are Stuie and Star my boyfriend gave them to me. I dont know if Stuie is getting sick or if he is normal. I work 12 hours a day. So, I dont play with that much. but Stuie when i got him he was very active and fat. Now he just sleeps and skinny. I think that he has a Wet Tail. I hope not. I am going to take hom to the vet today after work.I love my hamster alot. they make nosie at night so i know i am not alone.

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ADrummer - 2004-08-20
i have a Picasso and I swear he thinks hes a dog. He is so active and swims the same pattern everyday all day long. very fun to have and watch! adrummer

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  • TET - 2010-04-05
    Yes i agree with you , my picasso does his laps back and forth my 100 gallon aquarium after he is done with his meal. A happy and funny fish alright, thinks he is a watchdog or something. Bwahhaha. . . Best fish ever.
  • TET - 2010-05-26
    Yes they are funny and you get entertained. . . . .
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Gean - 2004-08-20
I have a few electric yellows. The female was awesome. Always played swimming in circles. Great movement in the tank. Sadly she died for no apparent reason. The male is a jerk. He bullies all the other fish. His lower jaw turns purple at times making him look like he needs a shave. He fights with my ahli. I am about to move him and the ahli into a tank together so they can leave the peaceful fish alone.

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terri - 2004-08-20
my dutch rabbit, frankie, was not a pet, but a member of the family. we only had him for less than three years, so his time with us was cut short, but he was amazing. he loved attention and his bunny massages, loved bananas and grapes, and after eating a grape he would wipe his mouth to clean the grape juice. he always had an adorable look about him, and made us laugh all the time. he always found something hilarious to do, like get his head stuck in a tissue box. he showed his love by giving kisses. he dyed the fur between his ears blue by rubbing it on a blue salt lick he had just licked. he was punk bunny for a while, till it shed out. he will always be in our hearts as the most special bunny in the world. he was loved dearly.

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Russ - 2004-08-20
When I started my tank I had two of these.They constantly picked on a male sword twice their size until ot died.I bought another tank and seperated them,put three more in with them and they killed each other.

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Annie - 2004-08-20
I just got my very first Holland Lop named Henry today. He is a beautiful blue color with black tips on his hairs. :) He is very gentle and is a real cuddlebug! I love him! Everyone should get a "hollie"! I got my bunny from Rabbit Hill dwarf breeds! Go check them out at! :) Right now my hollie is asleep, but he is so cute... give your bunnies a hug every day!


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