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Jess Leishman - 2004-09-12
I would only suggest this fish to someone with a larger tank. I have a a tank somewhere around the 40 gal mark, I have had this guy for about 4 or so years. My luck he will not stop growing! He is close to 6 inches (I do not lie) and is the monster in my guppies world. Lately his new found hobby is rather disconcerning and making sleeping through the night for myself difficult, He is now trying to constantly jump out of the tank. I have changed the lid arrangement every day to no avail, he keeps ending up on the floor, in the potted plants beside the aquaium, the cats are going nuts, I am going nuts! I am planning on placing a larger hiding place in the tank and hope that will calm the growing beast down.

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katie dunning - 2004-09-12
my mini rex is the sweetest thing. He loves to be turned over on his back and have his stomach petted. But i do say he makes the biggest mess in the world if you dont pay attention to him.

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Erin - 2004-09-12
I just got my first fantail and i think they are great fish they are so cute!

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Sarah - 2004-09-12
Hi, i have had holland lops before and i just love them! they are sooooo cute.i am waiting to get my second holland lop which will be in about 2 weekes i am soo happy! for anyone recomending gettin a bunny get a holland lop!!!!I will write back when my new baby comes along!!! well thankyou for reading

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LindsayKierman - 2004-09-11
I have had a Baby Blue Quaker for a month now and he or she? is the Bee Knees I we all love him or her lol to bits. I love how he snuggles up to me and follows me around wherever I go he is always equally as happy with any of the family. I am now hopefully waiting for the first words just like a baby! One thing for sure there is never a dull moment now Pogul is around.Li

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Natalie - 2004-09-11
My mini Lop is so cute!! Her name is tasia and she is the most loving bunny in the world. She loves to be kissed and to run around our living room. I just got her but she is fitting in just fine.

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Anonymous - 2004-09-10
We just got our first pet yesterday! His name is Jasper and we love him to pieces already!!

Jotham and Lindsay - 2004-09-10
Jasper is 6 weeks old and adorable! He is learning to walk on hardwood floors as I write this! Just like a skating rink. We love our new "baby"!!

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Jes - 2004-09-10

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ChinchillaLover - 2004-09-10
I used to have a chinchilla years ago, but the neighbors dog ended up attacking it while i was taking it for a walk on its leash. This really upset me but I eventually got over it and bought another pet. This one was a dog, a very big and well trained attack dog. Quite viscious really, but most Rottwieller Pitbull mix can be that way. Anyways, my dog "accidentally" got loose one day and had a little run in with the neighbors dog who had been tied out on his leash. Ill leave the rest to your imagination. Oh yeah, I highly suggest buying a chinchilla, just be constantly aware of its surroundings, because I know you wouldnt want to lose the only friend you have ever had in the past 18 years and 7 months of your life.


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