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renee - 2004-07-04
My bubble eyes sack somehow was punctured. It since has slowly grown back. However it is not the pretty golden color it used to be it is now black.

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Cherie - 2004-07-04
Hi everyone! Just got two little babies yesterday and they are the cutest little birds. One is yellow and one is a sky blue. When my daughter and I went to the pet store yesterday, I told her the two birds that were the easiest to catch were the ones going home with us. These two birds came right to both of us and let us pick them up and rub their heads. I said these are the ones going home with us! When we got them home and in their new home, they just pretty much stayed like that the rest of the evening. This morning we woke up to both of them just crimping up a storm so I guess they are happy. We are trying to think of some unique names for them!

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Ray and Patty - 2004-07-04
Hey Guys, I thought I would share my experience as a caregiver of two raccoons. My first was a little female. One afternoon, after getting home from work. My wife and I found our Cocker Spaniel sitting at the front door waiting for us. As we approached the house we could hear the cries of a small animal. Nestled between his legs was a baby coon, her eyes were still closed. We took her in and checked her for injuries and found her to be healthy and strong. My wife and I have raised several animals from infancy and knew that raising her would require a lot of dedication. We already had feeding bottles and syringes and most everything needed to feed her. Time has taught us that mammals do very well on a mixture of warmed evaporated milk, natural honey and water. This needs to be given every two hours until its eyes have opened, or at about the age of five or six weeks. At that time strained baby fruits can be added for extra nutrients. Once the pup is strong enough you can add mixed baby cereal. I hear from other people that they wean their pup at about eight to ten weeks of age. But I have found that you can provide a bottle as long as it will suckle it. Believe me they will let you know when its not wanted. You will find that your pet will be truly bonded to you for the rest of its life. We bath our coons on a regular basis and found that they look forward to the cleanup. Our raccoons enjoy their time with the dog and cats but really look forward to spending time with us. They are very loving and love to cuddle. But given the opportunity to wrestle, they will play just as hard as we play back. Raccoons are very intelligent and can learn basic commands and words. Do not be afraid to say NO. Even though they use their hands with great dexterity they tend to lick and nibble. This is one of those times for the NO word. Also as soon as they start eating solid foods you need to help it get over aggressive eating habits. I have found that if you hand feed them and make a game out of carefully taking the morsels back, that you will be able to retrieve anything you do not want chewed up without any problems. Our female is about eight years old and the male is about four years of age. I am not sure that either one of them have an aggressive bone in them, but when in public we have to be careful. Both have worn a harness since they were about eight weeks old and have learned to walk on a leash. When in public or the vets they wear a mussel just to be safe. They are both registered and get their shots each year. Coons are not for everybody. They require a lot of care, patience, and attention. But the time invested is rewarding in itself.

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Vanessa Cuevas - 2004-07-04
I think netherland dwarf rabbits are so CUTE!!!!!

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Joy Midkiff - 2004-07-03
This is a MUST HAVE for a tank!!! Just before my daughter was born we had two fish. A betta named Herbert and one of these. That thing was SO into algae that before long there was none left. It was like he was on SPEED!!! One day I caught him trying to "clean" the betta. I just KNEW it was coming. And sure enough, we got back from the hospital and Herbert (normally REALLY laid back) was swimming alone. I would NOT have a tank without this fish!!! They are a BLAST to watch!!!

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Pendulumn - 2004-07-03
Our bird is a very sweet natured bird who loves to play. She is now whistles and speaks few phrases, listens to music and sings with the radio and me. She is under 1 year old. She plays hide and seek. She likes to be the center of every activity from dinner preparation to sewing and puppies. She loves to swing and climb so she stays out of her cage 99% of the time, unless she is biting. Occasionally she will bite. Usually only if she thinks someone is afraid of her, or if it is a stranger who has not been introduced properly. Generally she is very social.

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Sherry - 2004-07-02
I once had a male Gouldian Finch named "Johnny". When I put some shredded paper in his cage, he began "rolling" his cage. He also liked to drape the paper everywhere, even from the top of his swing, and it was the funniest sight! I loved his dance. When he would see himself in the mirror he would begin jumping up and down in place while he sang. Finally, I bought him a mate we named "Frankie". These two birds were very cute together, especially when they slept side by side. Later I provided a nest and Frankie layed eggs. My family was so excited that we were going to have babies! Sadly, one morning I woke up to find Johnny lying dead on the eggs. I wish I knew what happened.

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Sarah - 2004-07-02
I LOVE guinea pigs... They are so sweet,not to mention they are cute =). My guinea pigs names are Abby (abigail gabrielle) and Ginger (ginger floppy oreo sweetheart). I kind of went over board hehe. They are so good and nice to each other. Abby is black and Ginger is black and white. I love guinea pigs!

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EDWARDO ALVENO - 2004-07-02


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Glen - 2004-07-01
Hi! I have 2 tinfoils in an 85 gallon tank along with:

-2 Red Zebra Cichlids(about 2 inches each)
-2 Jack Dempsey Cichlids(one is about 5 inches and the other is about 4)
-1 Ngara Flametail Cichlid (about 3 inches)
-1 Venustus Cichlid (about 2 inches)
-3 Convicts Cichlids (the largest one is about 3 inches, the second largest one is about 2 inches, and the smallest one is about .7 inches)
-1 Green Terror (about 3.5 inches)
-1 Red Tailed Botia (about 6 inches)
-2 Common Plecos (about 8 inches each)

They always stick together. One is sbout 9 inches, and the other is about 15 inches (he is huge!!!). I actually just recently bought this tank and it came with the two tinfoils, one of the plecos,the botia, and a silver dollar(which is deceased due to to much stress in the bucket while I was transporting it). All of my fish get along very well, which really suprised me since I am mixing a bunch of cichlids from different regions. My largest tinfoil barb can fit
2 1/2 blocks of bloodworms in its mouth. I now have the tank set up and it has been set up for about a year. I had all the fish that I had gotten before I bought this tank in a 30 gallon, but they were getting to big. When I bought the tank I was afraid to put the tinfoils in the 85 gallon tank because I thought they would get tortured by the cichlids. So I put them in the 30 gallon for 3 days until I finally was brave enough to put them in with the cichlids. The smaller tinfoil was fairly easy to transport across the room into the big tank. But the large one was hard because I couldnt fit it in the gigantic net that I bought for it. I had to put him in a bowl the size of a large bin to move him. He flopped around with no mercy. He actually flew out of the bowl and onto the carpet so I scooped him up and put him back into the bowl. Once I actually got him into the tank he was hairier than both of my dogs combined. These tinfoils are very hardy fish but they get HUGE!!!


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