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Muley - 2004-09-19
I brought a NZ white x breed from a farm. she became our guard dog. she was realy a lovely animal, but she had a short temper. When our dog (that thought it was a cat) died she started attacking dogs. Once she even took on a New fondland, and won. in her three year life span she had 92 kittens and we kept 1 who is now 3 yrs old and lovely. I hand raised her and she thinks im her mum. she even comes to people when called. we have had as many as 49 rabbits at once as well as other animals.

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MISS R LLOYD - 2004-09-19
I have recently brought a male Dutch rabbit he is blue and white, he is 12 weeks old, eating and chewing everything in site. I am training him as a house rabbit as he will not grow very big. I am very surprised at how quickly he has adapted to his new suroundings.

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Lilly - 2004-09-19
i have a dwarf bunny named molly

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OS - 2004-09-19
My most beautiful fish! Very expensive, but well worth the money if you can get a specimen that is eating. A very friendly fish.

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Lauren Rechelle - 2004-09-19
I am a college student and I decided that my room needed a goldfish to brighten up the place, but due to Toxic fumes from a fire my roomate caused he only lived for a day. I went out and got two new ones, and they are doing great. Many people dont agree with where I keep them, but I think their homes are festive. One is in a Martini glass and the other is in a Wine glass. But dont worry, they each have a pebble in there for scenery!! So its just like the ocean....They both love their homes and I am just about ready to name them, I am thinking Pixie and Nixie!

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Chris N. - 2004-09-19
well i have done a "study" and my mouse loves Kix, and really they r good for them.

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Neill Drever - 2004-09-18
I have 4 of these unusal guys & they are a constant source of amusement from trying to find them in the sand to watching them after lights out. I got them whilst looking for tankmates for my Green Spotted Puffer. I wanted a fish that would clean up the puffers leftovers but would not cause a problem as puffers are notoriously agressive, the answer was certainly Banjo catfish!

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jessica - 2004-09-18
I have a holland lop rabbit and she is so cute! Holland lops are the sweetest and most cuddly rabbits ever! I would recommend this breed to anyone thinking of getting a pet rabbit!

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steph - 2004-09-17
Before deciding to purchase a mate/friend for your budgie take note; many budgerigars, once given a feathered friend, will not be as friendly as they once were. They will still continue to sit on your hand, etc, but may stop talking to you.

Also when training a budgerigar to speak DO NOT give it a mirror, it may ignore you. The main reason they are so friendly and talkitive is due to them believeing that they are human, like their owners. They then mimic and interact to gain your love, attention and affection. With a mirror they believe that there is another bird in the cage, and will interact with the reflection rather than you.

Another tip on teaching budgerigars to talk. Once the bird is trained to sit on you (and not fly away) take it into a dark, quiet room, with no distractions for you or the bird, and procede to repeat the phases you wish it to learn. Also talking in a voice higher than usual (but still clear) and a tad slower than usual may help.

And like most animals using food rewards and positive reinforcement will aid in the training process. Small pieces of apple, corn kennels and millet sprays are some examples of food treats and giving the bird positive attention and allowing it the play outside (fly around a safe and enclosed area) are examples of positive reinforcement which yield positive results.

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ROSIE - 2004-09-17
I have a russian dwarf called mrs nibbles even tho it is a boy i thought it was a girl b4 i recently got it he is gr8 a little nippy but gr8 and cuddly


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