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Lori - 2004-07-23
I have a teddy bear hamster named Go-Go. He has been with me since the end of September, 2003. I love him alot. He is almost like a person. If he sees me come into the room, he wants me to pick him up. He reaches out to me in between the cage bars for me to pick him up. He is so cute. He gets away with everything because he is so cute. He chews my pillow cases so my pillows have holes in them but I am getting new pillows. He is too big for a wheel to be put into his cage but he has a 12" comfort wheel that he uses when I have him out of his cage. I bought him some stuff at Build A Bear Workshop because alot of those things are just the right size for him. He loves the blue checkered puppy dog house that they sell and I take him for walks with the travel back pack that they sell.
P.S. I read somewhere if, after the female has her babies and you have to absolutely touch them, you should mix your hands in the stuff you use to line the cage, i.e., shavings, corn cobs, etc.

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L Thomas - 2004-07-23
I just purchased a lutino cockatiel a week ago. He is a male( a blood test was done on him) he is 3 months old. His name is "Chingy" and he is so precious. He eats from your hand and he loves to be kissed. He learned to whistle what I wanted him to in 3 short days. He is going to be a eaiser learner and I look forward to each day with him.

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Claudia - 2004-07-22
I have three of these wonderful birds, two girls and one boy. I am their mom and they are my kids. They each have their own personality. Every morning I get the "good mornings" and we begin our morning ritual which involves cleaning their cages and preparing their meals. They are practically always outside of their cages while I am home. But when I leave the house, I put them back in their cages and the long good-bye begins. They start with "bye-bye" and "I love you" and it never fails to make me feel bad for leaving them, even for an hour. If you are thinking of getting a grey, please note that they are extremely intelligent and with that comes the need for lots of mental stimulation that you will always have to provide them with. In return, you will get the love and affection of a life-long friend.

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Robert - 2004-07-22
I had a male black dutch from 1997 - may 2003... very well behaved rabbit. They shed alot in the change of seasons. Always keep an eye on this, hairballs can occur. Mine died from a hairball.
Pensacola, FL USA

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Kourtney - 2004-07-22
i have a tank with a huge 7 incher and i have a very small 1 inch kissing gourami and they are the cutest guys i have.

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mark - 2004-07-22
I have 3 of these tetras in my small tank with a small black molly, 2 platies, and a swordtail and have had no trouble.

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kari - 2004-07-22
I think that purchasing a Percula because of a movie like Finding Nemo is stupid. True, the movie was good, but you should not buy one because of a movie. The Percula is a beautiful and fun fish, but having one for that reason is redundant. I bet there are hundreds of Percula out there that have the name Nemo already.

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Kim Cartwright - 2004-07-21
We have two black moors, Miriam and Keef. They live with a goldfish named Daisy. We just love our black moors, they hang in the tank floating around. They use their little fins to walk along the bottom of the tank and with the sun on them they are the prettiest little things. So placid and happy, we just love them. We called one Miriam cause we were not sure if it is a girl or a boy and Keef cause our favourite saying is "My names Keef" We just love them to bits....

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chandra - 2004-07-21
there so cute

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ash - 2004-07-21
i only recently bought a female and male pearl gourami, but already they are one my most active and peaceful fish in my 180 litre tank. theyre kept with a rope fish, a red-finned shark, 10 columbia, 95 tetras and about 4 danios (the rope fish ate the other danios). they both get along great with all the inhabitants and an absolute bargain of a fish.


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