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Keith Hunter - 2004-10-16
I think these fish r great. they add color to a tank and they do well in a 6.5ph level. very small but can still be seen by all.

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Elizabeth - 2004-10-16
My black moor is very interesting. He OR she scavenges around for food all the time and eats a lot. Montley cracks me up! We have an angelfish, 2 plicos, an upside down catfish, a glass catfish, another goldfish, and 2 algae eaters. They all do fine together. They have NEVER fought and the tank stays pretty clean since there are 2 golfish eating debris and 2 algae eaters! He is easy to take care of, so I recommend getting a black moor if you want a pretty fish that is easy to take care of.

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eric - 2004-10-16
Hi I have a budgie (parakeet) that is very sweet. Visit his website to see him. WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/OPUSDAPARROT

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pris - 2004-10-16
i just got my 65 gal set up and have 4 adult parrots and 4 smaller ones that have no color yet. albino now. due to sad events i aquired about 20 of them and 6 tanks 40-65 gals. my brother took the rest. they are very happy at this point and am looking forward to creating lots of caves and hiding places to make them happier. they were owned by a friend of mine and he had no trouble breeding them. lots of babies. hope i can do as well.

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darrell - 2004-10-15
I think the kissing gouramii is nice and beautiful

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Kara - 2004-10-15
I have two hamsters Scoot and anna. I first had scoot but he was really jumpy and i couldnt hand tame him. So then i saw this really cute already handtamed russian dwarf. I promised my mom i would learn from the russian dwarf (anna) how to hand tame scoot. she finally gave in and now scoot is nicer and more tamed than anna

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Ridge Dogg - 2004-10-14
My mice willard and fred goobody have been good together since i got them until one day i clean the cage out. Then i put them back and they start to fight bad. Anything fred would do willard would beat him up. Fred did nothing and willard beat him up. Then i put willard in timeout all night long, when i woke up he was gone. I came home that day, looked on the table, and there he was. i was so glad i got him back, but now i got two cages. they are ok now. I might one day put them back together but i will have to wait and see. peace out Ridge Dogg

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Jordan Dangerfield - 2004-10-14

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Tracey Lenz - 2004-10-14
I have had my senegal friend for 15 years and just a few days ago I had to put her down. She was one of the best friends that I could have asked for. She could talk up a storm and now my house seems so empty and quiet. She makes my quaker sound quiet. When the time comes again to buy a new bird, I will get another senegal. They are clowns and can make you laugh even if you had a really bad day.
Rest in Peace, my little one......til we meet again........

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ddd - 2004-10-13
I love your website. it is good cause i went somewhere in japan and i have a project on this fish, so it was very useful. i love the way boxfish swim backwards, it is so CUTE!i went to Kushimoto or Wakayama, have u been there? well i love this site and i would want to buy a boxfish! Bye


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