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Richard Garcia - 2004-09-05
I inherited a 70 gallon tall tank from my mother in law and there were two Serpaes in it at the time. After the initial move one was obviously stressed and became ill. Within about a week it was healthy again (Used an ick treatment), and after a month his fins were back and bright(they are the long finned variety). Ive since added 6 more in groups of three, the first batch was bought from a new LFS whos water quality was admittedly poor, the second from a LFS the has a great reputation, the first three died, the last three are thriving. A very beautiful community fish with a lot of personality and not the least bit shy. They will nip fins but are not overly aggressive. I definitly recommend the long fin variety.

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Mike Ock - 2004-09-05
i have a goldfish that is a foot and a half long with two firemouths that are also a foot and a half long. I used to have another firemouth and an oscar that were around 8 inches long, but my goldfish swallowed them. I know it sounds hard to believe, but its true!

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Anonymous - 2004-09-05
I love my new zealand rabbit. She is so sweet.

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Anonymous - 2004-09-05
ferrets should NOT be flea dipped, as you reccomend in the ailments section. Even cat/kitten flea dips are too harsh for ferrets.

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Jake - 2004-09-04
Guppies are beautiful fish which add alot more than just a fish to your tropical aquarium. I first bred them 3 weeks ago, I bought a pregnant female and a breeding trap and within 5 hours in my tank the female started to give birth to 86 young. Only 9 of the fry were eaten, after 8 weeks I walked to the shop that I bought the female from and sold all the best looking ones for $1.00AUS each. the others were put back in my tank.

WARNING be carful not to put males and females together as they will breed extremly fast (not that thats bad, just be carful)

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Cathy Black - 2004-09-04
i got a little black fish called nancy yesterday.She is so beautiful and inquisitive.i love her so much already, i am so impressed!!

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Opel betsab - 2004-09-04
My Comment is that you dudes and dudets are an amazing web site. My rabbit says so to. I think you should win a MEDAL!

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Cleo - 2004-09-04
I have a Male and female mice, but i think the female is pregnant because she is in the same cage as the male. my mom says we should give the babies to the pet store but the store i got them from sold mice as snake food. I want to find good homes for them all.

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Scott - 2004-09-02
Lydia, to be honest swimming upsidedown is a sign of swim-bladder disease. It is NOT fatal, but I reccomend treatment.

Remedy man - Scott - 2004-09-02
Lee, You can get either flakes or frozen foods, both of these sink to bottom quite fast


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