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colozamia - 2004-10-09
I took Clide, my silver arowana, to the vet (university veterinary hospital) because he was not eating and had a bulging right eye. Think twice before you do this because he thrashed so hard in the tupperware that he lost the feelers on his lower lip and several scales, as well as had a bashed up nose, and was mad at me for a week and would not let me feed or pet him for a week even though he would eat when my daughter fed him. Arowanas are very smart fish and definitely recognize different people and remember things. He is ok now though.

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Lisa Schmitz - 2004-10-09
A friend gave me two adolescent brichardi because they were nipping the fins off of her other two brichardi. I put them in my community tank and they quickly became very bossy. I removed them from my 100 gallon & put them in a 10 gallon tank, gave them a conch seashell and boom within 2 weeks they had at least 50 tiny babies. She keeps them in the shell the first few days after they hatch. Nearly two months later Ive got around 200 babies; five fry or so. Incredible parents and beautiful fish.

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Ann - 2004-10-09
I had two of these to start and they lasted a long time until they died a few days ago (stress from moving). I bought four more to replace them and they seem to be doing well with the other fish, although they love to nip at each other.

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James - 2004-10-08
i have had my marine betta grouper for more than a couple months :). i feed them frozen food like those saltwater variety packs, hoping they get all the nutrition. i get some tank water, put the frozen cube in there and stir it till it thaws out. I pour the contents on both sides of the tank. :) i really like this fish, very interesting :) and very shy but, have heard he is a predator.

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Katie - 2004-10-08
i have a mini lop rabbit and its only about 2 months old. my other rabbit attacked it about a month ago (i dont know the breed of the other one) and my lop rabbit had gashes and welts all over its body. now its doing great and is almost completely healed! it likes to run, jump, play, and tip its food dish over! It will also lay with me and cuddle and i love my lop so much! i couldnt have ever picked a better bunny to have!

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Katie - 2004-10-08
I have a netherland named thumper, and he is grey, 1 and a half pounds and only about 2 and a half months old. When we first got thumper he was scared and wouldnt do anything but explore and wonder around. me and my boyfriend played with thumper alot, but it get meaner and meaner. it bites, scratches, and it attaches my 2 month old minilop and hurt it pretty bad. we dont abuse thumper, we take him out of the cage, cuddle with him, playes with him but he always bites us and bullies my other rabbit, and my sisters minilop. i love thumper just as much as my lop rabbit, but he is mean and i care for him like my other rabbit.

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Liz - 2004-10-08
I am going to have to get another tank as my red flame gourami is bullying all the other fish..even other gouramis. I thought these were a peaceful species! My other gouramis are hiding because of him. Bummer.

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Marissa Wilson795 - 2004-10-08
i have three hamsters one of them is a dwarf hamster but he is really mean. the other two are really sweet. their names are Cocoa Cinnamon and Dot. Dot is the dwarf. the other two are teddy bear hamsters.

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matto - 2004-10-07
i just added a pearl to my 180 litre tank today, it is fitting in well with my 2 angels and silvershark, i plan to add 2 bristle noses 2 bronze catfish, a kissing gourami and a large assortment of tetras and barbs

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Anonymous - 2004-10-07
Love these fish. my Lemon and Red Eyed Tetra hangs out with them. BUT BEWARE, you should have at LEAST a 150 Gallon Tank or they will start to freak out and will hit the side of the tank and could break the glass. they are VERY strong and fast so dont get them if you have a small tank, and they freak out easily. not very good for kids because they could scare them. they should be in with at least 3 other fish or the above could happen.


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