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Keisha - 2004-08-25
My longhorned cowfish is most unique fish I have ever seen. He is pleasant and fun to watch. I shared his picture with all my friend!

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Adele Infante - 2004-08-25
It is so easy to see that those people who posted their tributes to their pets are truly the caregivers of the animal world. The animals are part of the family and they realize what a treasure it is to have them, even if it is only for a while. We know that the time with them will be short...but precious. We know that in the end we will be hurt by the loss of these dear critters. But we chose to love them again and again. Their claim to immortality is that they will live on forever in our hearts and souls.

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Patty - 2004-08-25
Well, Stuie is feeling better. I took him to vet but I realize that I knew more about hamster then that stupid vet at Eagle Pass. I took him to Del Rio where the Vet told me not to give them fresh food for a week and thats how he got better. Thanks god. Well, Stuie, Star and me are getting along good I let them go free in my room when I clean the cage. They are so easy to find. Well bye Thanks for this web site it realy helps to know stuff.

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larissa - 2004-08-24
To all betta lovers. today i bought two lovely females. I all ready have a male so i thought i would get them to breed. My male is probably the meanest fish in the world . He goes at any thing that enters his tank! He is so much fun to watch. The girls are more relaxed and do not fight at all. The betta fish are the only fish i have ever got a bond with. Its amazing my male fish only likes me. I read to him every night before i go to bed. When ever i say his name, jojo, he will swim around really fast in his tank. Believe it or not he jumps out of the water when i come over to his tank. I love jojo and he is one of the nicest fish i have ever meet.

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Matthew Douthit - 2004-08-24
I have four Holland Lops out of six rabbits and they are fun and loving and the best rabbits I have ever had.

Matthew Douthit - 2004-08-24
I have four Holland Lop rabbits and they are very fun. I have a male named Rocky and also a female named Flopsey which had four babies in March. we kept two and got rid of two. the two we kept are Snoppy and Junior. They are fun to watch grow up. I have so much fun with my rabbits.

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mark - 2004-08-24
I currently have 3 Ryukin Goldfish. The largest is about 5 inches long now and still growing. They are my first fish and now Ive moved into keeping a warm water tank also with some Tetras, Corydoras and an Angel. The Ryukins started in a five gallon tank and then moved up to a 10, then a 35 gallon tank. A Betta became the recipient of the five gallon tank. Altogether I currently care for 24 fish and am about to undertake a River Tank setup.

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crystal - 2004-08-23
My Bruno Aries Tetra has such a personality! He is ina community tank with black neons and neon tetras, and schools well with them, and not agressive towards them at all. When I come up to the tank, he always swims over to whatever side I am on as if to say hi.

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Trish - 2004-08-23
I am a new budgie owner. Agatha is a young female. She is a tough sell on letting me tame her, but I will just be patient! My immediate goal is to get her a larger cage and a mate to live with; I think the company would help her since I work full-time. I keep her by me at night at the computer, and talk with her. I also hope I can convince her it is OK to come out of her cage! She has her flight feathers clipped, and gets around OK, but she does not trust that open door yet...

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linda gilmore - 2004-08-23
we have a beautiful, fat, butterscotch, fuzzy lop named angus who is 10 years old and spoiled rotten. the other day my husband and daughter went biking down the local community college where everyone dumps their rabbits. they brought home a sickly, hurt polish dwarf. we went to our local rabbit lady to try to bring him back to life and hopefully get adopted. the rabbit lady is stretched very thin, financially, emotionally and physically trying to help these poor animals. she gets no support from the city, community college or animal control when she tries to keep these rabbits from reproducing or being maimed and killed out in the streets . she loves rabbits and probably knows more than a vet does. (sorry to the vets but she does) what happens to these animals is horrible. they are attacked by dogs,ferral cats,vultures,other rabbits or run over. people are better off taking their pets to the animals shelters to be put to sleep than dumping them somewhere to fend for themselves. i wish there was more we could do to help the rabbit lady. after one visit to the rabbit lady, he is doing much better and we are going to be foster parents to this new rabbit until someone adopts him and takes good care of him.


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