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Anonymous - 2004-11-09
Sometimes you need to get yoursef a treat, so get a chinchilla.

sucker for soft - 2004-11-09
they are soft... need i say more!!??

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Zulfiqar - 2004-11-08
I thinks its a very Informative website, So I Giving best Wish to hole staff
of this website and i said to these people make it more more Informative. its a very Good website about the birds and if i can help you i really Glad to do your help in searching the information about these birds. Keep it up. Thanks.

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Ray cole - 2004-11-08
I have just purchased a Scopas brown tang. I have studied your web site and thank you for the info on tangs! I,m new to marine tanks and like the info you provide! The tang is doing fine, as soon as I put him in the tank he started to feed, looks very happy, thanks !

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Athena - 2004-11-08
I have a male teddy-bear hamster named MacGuyver. he loves to escape, he got too big for his hamster cage so i put him in small guinea pig cage, but he managed to escape, b/c one morning i woke up, and he had crawled from my animal room, across the hallway into my bedroom and was climbing up my bed. when he has escaped in the past from his old cage he always finds me.

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Lorie - 2004-11-07
Sammy is nnow going on 17 years. I bought him when he was 7 weeks old and he had to be hand fed as he was not yet weaned. He has never grown out of being hand fed. Each morning he has a tablespoon of hot cereal with honey and applesauce. I started "potty training" him when he was young so now let me know when he wants down by either saying "Sammy wants to potty" or if I hold him, he nibbles my ear. He says quite a lot but has become quite agressive toward anyone who comes near me if he he feels intimated by them. I would not trade him for anything as he is a great companion but he does get noisy when he wants attention or wants to be outside the cage. We built a Madrona tree for him to climb around on. He would rather be on it than caged.

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Bonnie - 2004-11-07
In have five guinea pigs three females and two males. my girls names and colours are... Fudge who is light choc with flecks of cream and a tiny spot of white on her back and two white feet and two choc. Next is Nougat who is cream,white and silver tri colour, and Marina is an english white self crested with a very cute face. My boys are Ray and Snoopy, Ray is red,agouti and white tri colour and snoopy is a black himalayan. This morning fudge had two very cute boy babies one was almost all white exept for a couple of patches of agouti and red on both sides of his face and the other has a agouti rump and patches on both sides of his face of agouti and red (Ray is their daddy).
i adore all my guinnies and Nougat is going to have around three babies soon!cool site!!!

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mandi - 2004-11-06
Hello. my name is Mandi. I have a barn and every night i put all my cats
away and the racoon that i call rocky is always in there to. he comes in
and sleeps and eats cat food. I see him eat out of the same cat dish as the cats they have a friendship. In the middle of the night some times he opens the door and gets in. he is usually in there at about nine oclock . Today when i got home from work i walked in the barn and he was sleeping on the pile of boxes. He is really beautiful and i wish i could pet him but, i dare not because he is wild. but i have seen how friendly he is to the cats and i kind of want one as a pet. My friends Mom had a racoon that used to sleep in bed with her like a dog and use the litter box and every thing.

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Pan - 2004-11-06
My two gourami grew real fast and big in my small fish pond. In two years they grew from about 4 ins to more than 12 inches. They are really sociable and live harmoniously with the many ordinary koi fish and flower horns. I added another two small ones, and like wise they grew to the same sizes. They like the koi pellets, and occasionally I saw them jumping and nipping at leaves located just above the water.

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christina - 2004-11-06
I have 7 fantail goldfish and I think they are the best type of fish to have. And they all look so adorable!


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