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JARRED - 2004-09-16
i love my rabbit jasmine is is the darndest thing BUT I LOVE HER TO DEATh


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brad - 2004-09-16
I have a parakeet of this type. He is green, blue, yellow and black and squalks when there is a lot of noise or music playing or can hear other birds outside. His name is Jesse and he is a good pet. He loves to get out of his cage and fly around the house.

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patrick denton - 2004-09-16
Hi, Ihave a Blue n Gold Macaw named Buddy he is 2 1/2 yrs old i have had him for 2 yrs .although i have a family Buddy will only let me handle him . he trusts me completly and will lay down next to me when i nap,he is so smart that he amazes me other macaws i have read about he is very good ae watching me put things together then proceeds to take them apart ,he is truley a member of my family for life.. patrick & buddy

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tre - 2004-09-16
my livingston is the king of my tank...granted the tank is still new. I have 2 zebras,1 african hap,1 african jewell and 1 algae eater. none of the fish mess with the algae for he is the biggest of the tank...then again he just hangs out in a cave a the bottom of the tank.

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Anonymous - 2004-09-15
they are fun to play with

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Heather - 2004-09-15
I am the proud new owner of a handsome, vibrant red Betta. I have noticed that already he acknowledges who I am when I come in from being out of my room. I also noticed that Bettas make taking care of them very easy. Yesterday, my Betta stopped eating and swimming around. He basically sat in one spot near the surface. When he did move, he didn

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OS - 2004-09-15
Well worth the Money! One of my most beautiful fish!

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Jane Kathy - 2004-09-15
i have a teliscope fish and his name is petey. he is great

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Barb W - 2004-09-15
I have two cockatiels, one is a regular grey female and the other is a white face female. I love them both! I just received the white face about a week ago from a gentlemen that needed to get rid of them. My grey is about 2 years old while my white face is only 9-10 weeks old. And so far they are doing wonderful together. My older one treats the younger one likes she is her mother!! They are both GREAT birds.

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Patricia - 2004-09-14
I have a cocktail named hubert i got him in May 2004 he is the most loving and sweetest bird they bond like a magnet to you.I suggest that if you want a small bird it should be a cockateil.


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