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Kay - 2004-09-20
Hello all readers. I am tired of reading about giving ferrets fibre from fruit snacks etc. They do not need it at all. Meat is all they should eat - please. I was given an adult female who I estimated at the time was about 3 yrs. She was so overweight that she rolled over when she stood on her hind legs. We named her Lardarse, Lardy for short. I felt she had been a well loved pet although fed the wrong diet. After much indoor exercise up and down the stairs and a meat only diet she slimmed down beautifully and her coat is silky soft. She is such a character and particularly fond of licking ears! After a month or so she became poorly and had discomfort urinating. She remained happy otherwise and continued to eat well. After a couple of days she passed to my utter amazement a few crystal stones in her urine and from then improved. I visited the vet taking the stones with me. She was amazed also and said in 9/10 cases this is an emergency op. She decided it was due to a previous bad diet and after anylisis advised a special and very expensive cat food given to felines with the same problem which is common. Lardy did not take kindly to the new food that looked like cheap supermeat. This all occured in May and since every 4 weeks or so she has shed more little crystals about the size of lentils. However, recently she went 6 weeks and had symptoms the other day. In the morning I found a few small crystals and an enormous one with a diametre the size of a 5p !! It is a miracle and only because she is female.A male would certainly need surgery. Hopefully Lardy has now got rid of the worst as she seems so happy and energetic. Please, you know how heartbreaking it is when your pet is ill. Do not feed ferrets fibre. They only need meat!! As near to a natural diet as possible - whole carcas is best. Sorry about waffle and best regards. Kay

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LAURIE PITTWAY - 2004-09-20
I have never had that experience with gliders, sean. how old were they when you got them? Maybe they were treated poorly by a previous owner. Try holding them (in their pouch) so they can get used to your scent. Feed them baby food, yogurt, etc. or any soft food on your fingertip. over time they will bond more with you. It takes alot of patience. THEY NEED LOVE AND NEED TO LEARN TO TRUST YOU! Keep the faith..Laurie

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Don - 2004-09-20
The mouse is so cute!

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gf ghgh - 2004-09-20
I have a brown Holland lop, and I really love him. I think he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Lulu2004 - 2004-09-20
I have a Holland Lop. He is sooooo... cute. Holland Lops are one of my favorite kinds of rabbits......... I know you love them to........

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Kimberley - 2004-09-20
My husband and I have two Dalmation Lyre-Tail Mollies. One is black with white spots and the other is white with black spots. They are both males. We will be purchasing several females very soon. We have named our Mollies Abbott and Costello because they are so funny to watch. Mollies are very friendly and get along well with other fish, and I highly recommend them to anyone!

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Reannon - 2004-09-20
Hey, I Was walking home one day and i heard a small bird it was a cockatiel. He came straight to me, he is very friendly and loves to be around people he talks says my name. You should get one just like him his name is Sam.

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Muley - 2004-09-19
I brought a NZ white x breed from a farm. she became our guard dog. she was realy a lovely animal, but she had a short temper. When our dog (that thought it was a cat) died she started attacking dogs. Once she even took on a New fondland, and won. in her three year life span she had 92 kittens and we kept 1 who is now 3 yrs old and lovely. I hand raised her and she thinks im her mum. she even comes to people when called. we have had as many as 49 rabbits at once as well as other animals.

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MISS R LLOYD - 2004-09-19
I have recently brought a male Dutch rabbit he is blue and white, he is 12 weeks old, eating and chewing everything in site. I am training him as a house rabbit as he will not grow very big. I am very surprised at how quickly he has adapted to his new suroundings.

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Lilly - 2004-09-19
i have a dwarf bunny named molly


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