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Carrie - 2004-11-29
Netherland dwarfs are a WONDERFUL pet to have. I have 7. We had two before, but they had babies!!! Baby bunnies are SO cute.

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kim boward - 2004-11-28
For 7 years now I have had a community tank with Neons, black neon, and serpae. Up till 2 months ago I had a serpae for 5 years. At present I have a black neon 4 years old. Serpae are very hardy and comical, especially when young. Would recommend this fish to anyone.

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kim boward - 2004-11-28
Beautiful plant, especially when there white flowers appear. I keep mine for food. The fish love to eat them. They become very long also.

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saba khan - 2004-11-28
i love rabbits they are s cute i love them

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Elizabeth - 2004-11-28
My name is Elizabeth and I just got a tan russiun dwarf and its a girl. I named her fluffy and she bites sometimes. I never knew hamsters were sooooo cute!

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Desiree.N.Maggin - 2004-11-28
Ginny pigs are the best things in the world. they are the cutest things in the world, the cooliest things in the world, i could go on and on about ginny pigs, but i have to go now. by the way, i have a ginny pig as well.

Dawnda Stricklen - 2004-11-28
Guinea pigs should not be housed together. Guinea pigs cannot be fed rabbit pellets and vise versa. There are additives to rabbit pellets that are harmful to guinea pigs. Guinea pigs over the age of one should be feed a good timothy hay and timothy-based pellets, not alfalfa hay or pellets. The alfalfa products has too much calcuim for mature guinea pigs. It gives them bladder stones.
They may get along OK together, but I know of many guinea pigs that have been badly injured or killed by a kick from a rabbit. The rabbit is usually just playing, but it has strong legs that can be fatal to guinea pigs.
I, also, know of guinea pigs that were badly injured from a bigger rabbit trying to mate with it.

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cairn newton - 2004-11-27
i have bred budgies for four years and i think your sites is awesome. i also have a budgie called agent and he chose me one day and weve been together ever since.

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Erik - 2004-11-27
I love my Sugar Glider. I have had her for about six months, and she is awesome. I have had all sorts of pets, mice, rats, birds, guinea pigs, and fish. I have had more fun with my Sugar glider than any of them. They are so sweet when they bond with you. I will absolutely never have a time in my life that I do not have a Sugar Glider. They are the best pets ever!

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Elisabeth Buxo - 2004-11-27
I had one of these catfishes for 22 years.
It recently died. I dont know what their life expectancy is though.


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