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Vince - 2004-12-14
Double Yellow Headed Amazons are a great companion, but to understand and co-exist with this species you must understand they must have their personal space. They have a "bubble" that surrounds them and if you understand and respect the amazon quirks these parrots can be a great companion. At least in my expereiance.

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Vince - 2004-12-14
My mollucan cockatoo Sulu is one of the most active birds I own. if she is not chewing all the wood in the house, she is screaming "I am cute, you are not" at the top of her lungs. She is just like a two year old and she makes you work hard, but she is worth the effort.

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Anonymous - 2004-12-14
I think that all hamsters are tight and they all make great pets

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Dominic Delamarter - 2004-12-14
I just got a dwarf bunny he is very lovable he is the best pet ever!!! His name is Snickers he loves to be held!!!!

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Jenny Gojcaj - 2004-12-14
I have a Mini-Rex, a female, whose name is Lola...and she is just adorable!! She loves getting attention, and I, personally, enjoy giving her attention. She loves to be let out of her cage, and when you rub her back lightly with your foot, she roles over onto her side and licks you!! She licks my hands like crazy! Whenever I give her kisses, she always gives me 10 times as many!

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Nikki - 2004-12-13
clown fishes are so cute i wish i could get one

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Dennis - 2004-12-12
I bought one of these along with a texas cichlid, a plecostamous, an algae eater, and a few other cichlids. He was extremely territorial, and killed most of my fish. the last fish, a texas cichlid just swam at the top of the tank on some plants, half dry and baked out of water, hoping to evade the electric yellow fishes wrath.

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Brenda - 2004-12-12
I have 1 calico oranda goldfish in a 5 gallon tank with a black moor. They are both doing great. The oranda loves to nudge around the moor and eats like there is no tommorow. He comes to the surface where I can hand feed him. When he sees me he blows bubbles and gurgles water. So does the black moor. Funny eh?

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corey - 2004-12-12
I have had my bird for only 5 months. Though he is 13 years old and fully trained, he became hard to handle after a dog attacked him and now he has become nice. He hangs out with my 2 parakeets Scotty and Reggie.

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Michael Crespi - 2004-12-12
How did you get him to hold still to take that picture? They are always darting all over the place. I like them because they liven up the tank. I always keep them with some cichlids. I just had two die today rather suddenly for no apparent reason with a pair of Bala Sharks. All I did was a routine water change and they were dead in two hours. I had that happen once before many years ago. One of the foods I feed my fish is beefheart. The Tinfoils devour it. They grow fast an big too. So do my cichlids.


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