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sony4u - 2004-09-30
I have 4 sunbunkin goldfish Nicola, Stallion, Phonex, and Dragon in a small tank and they are wonderful i love them heaps

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lizy - 2004-09-30
I first got a tiel when I was 10 years old. His name was Buddy. A few months later he died from natural causes. I was so sad, but about 7 months later I got a call from a lady saying that she had no room for a cockatiel named Spaz. She asked me if I would take him otherwise he would need to be put down. I gladly accepted the offer of adopting Spaz not even being able to imagine the thought of him being put down. Spaz has been my faithful friend now for 4 years and I cant imagine life w/o him.

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FANNY - 2004-09-29

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Anonymous - 2004-09-29
yah this fish is cool

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Trish - 2004-09-29
I have a texas cichlid which is now about 7 yrs. old and 10" long absolutely beautiful. blue dots all over him. looking at him I would describe him to be velvety as opposed to scaley. one heck of a dog like personality. he lives alone in a 100 gal. tank and he will follow me back and forth along it. sometimes i think he wants me to rub his belly.

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Isabella - 2004-09-28
I have a holland lop bunny in my classroom as a class pet. His name is B Boy. He is so Cute. My teacher lets him out during Social Studies. I think that a hollan lop bunny is a good class pet.

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megyn - 2004-09-28
i had a teddy bear hamster named teddy that i got in the 4th grade from a friend. he was the SWEETEST hamster you could meet. he would sleep in your arms because he was 3 years old. he died on january 8 2004 at the age of 4. i miss him so badly. i have 2 russin darf hamsters and they are a bit mean. one of them chatters at you!!!!

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Brooklyn Bianchi - 2004-09-28
I have a netherland dwarf and believe me on this, they are great! My rabbit was in the past abused. When i got her my neighbor who got my rabbits sister, said" Toastie (my rabbit) is known to bite, scratch, and growl. From what i see she just needs love like humans do. Treat animals with care especially rabbits. I suggest if you want a pet to get a netherland, they are the best friends and pets you will have, dont hold back research then go get one. They are great for being pets in show and mostly an everlasting friend even when they are gone. They are great with other pets even my dog gives Toastie kisses on the nose. They are also great with all ages even parents.

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Leon - 2004-09-27
I have 5 in a 30 gallon tank. They are all within 6 to 7.5 inches (their max size is greatly reduced if they are in a smaller tank.) I have had them for about 7 years now. They have grown hand friendly and will try to nibble on it every time I do something in the tank. They will eat any food whatsoever. Frequent water changes are not critical in my opinion. Sometimes I would not change the water for months and they did fine. I used a small canister filter (fluval 104) and the water stayed clear except for some waste on the bottom. They are extremely hardy: survived two moves, power outages, not being fed for a week, etc, etc. They seem to be somewhat intelligent, but not as intelligent as predatory fish. For example: I have been feeding them floating cichlid pellets for years, and they still have difficulty picking out the ones at the corners of the tank (even though they see them and circle around them).

I bought them because I wanted to have large fish with big eyes that were hardy and did not need too much looking after. They totally lived up to those expectations. However, after 5.5 inches, they started looking more like food than pets (this is a comment that I often get from those who see them for the first time and I agree). They are vicious plant killers, it did not matter whether I fed them cucumbers or not, they would still go after plants for the sport of it. This is the biggest problem with these fish. Do not hope to have any live plants if you are getting them (unless you are putting them in a pond :)). Also, they will eat a smaller fish if they can catch and swallow it. If it doesn

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Zenidog - 2004-09-27

Mini Lops are kind and sweet. But you must handle them gently
because, like all rabbits, they are fragile! Mini Lops have long ears and soft fur. They can come in all different colors. You may see your Mini Lop leap in midair and do numerous twists.
Do not worry about this because this is an expression of happiness.
It is called a binky. Mini Lops can jump very high, so be very cautious when you put them in low places with no ceilings! Despite all their troubles, these rabbits can be very loving creatures. They
are quiet and love timothy diet hay. Mini Lops are an excellent choice as a pet. Good luck to all you new rabbit owners!!


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