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Kerri martin - 2004-11-26
Hi. i have had three ferrets and they are great pets to have. My friends think they are like rats but theyre not at all. i love them. my mum doesnt like them so i had to get rid of mine, but my brother has two. so if he goes on holiday i get to look after them. but if you get them for christmas you have to remember that a pet is for life not just for christmas, and ferrets need a lot of love, care, and attention.

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Alyssa Suit - 2004-11-26
I have a golden bear hamster. Her name is Teddy. She just had 11 babies about 3 days ago with my brothers black bear hamster Jerry. I give her dog biscuits and dried cat treats. I found out that you can give you hamster a small piece of toilet paper right before she has her babies. But precautions should be made because she weaves it in to the bedding and after she has her babies the tissue might get caught around the babies neck and kill it.

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Matt DEmaio - 2004-11-25
I just got my hegdehog yesterday, and its been great! It is a female. its name is Bucky. It hardly ever rolls into a ball and it is so energetic. Its about 5 weeks old. I made its own cage. It loves to hide in its tunnel. I have never had a hedgehog before but i think they are the greatest pet anyone could ever have! It is a salt and pepper color. For all you hedgehog lovers out there I have to say you guys have excellent taste. By the way I got her at animal city. Another thing she was 100.00 bucks!

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nicole - 2004-11-25
My Sugar is my first child. she is 8 months and we are working on her speech, thus far we can get her to mimic "pretty girl" quite well, but the funnest thing is that she want to talk unless it is night time and she is in her cage, or she is sitting in the bathroom while I am taking a shower, behind the curtin. I guess she is shy, how weird. Other than that she is the most lovable and cuddley thing I have ever had, dogs are not that snuggly!!! My Sugar loves to chase toes, shoes, socks, and slippers, she will puff them feathers up like she is sooo mad at them and chase you up and down the hall, I believe it is her favorite game, cause she will fly to the floor just to do this. She also hates/loves her diaper, hates to put it on, but loves to have it on once it is on cause she knows it means we are going to the pet store or going to see daddy. Can you tell she is my first child or what?!?

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Kyle Brocklehurst - 2004-11-23
yes there is parrot fish out there which have been injected which colour, but these are the ones which appear to have a horizontal line across the top of the body.
The parrot fish which are one complete colour for example blue or purple are given a colour enahncing food like the birds, canaries. for example the red factor canary if not given this food it looses its colour, but if given to a normal yellow canary it will start to show signs of red feathers which when the bird is breed the colour will be passed on to there chicks.
The parrot fish which i keep myself and the ones i have sold in the aquatic business have never shown signs of problems. My first parrot lived to be 8yrs old and never got ill.

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Anonymous - 2004-11-23
These fish are very easy to take care of, and are not very needy at all. Great for beginners!! They have a nice see through texture. Truly a beautiful fish.

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Justina - 2004-11-23
I love these fish however, I have had a hard time keeping them alive! I have had 5 of them. 2-Pac, Shorty, Busta, Spanky and Eminem. All of them died except Eminem. Em is about 4 inches long now and really fat. Its been about 1 and a half years now. People always comment on how ugly or cute or strange they look. I find them adorable !!!

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Juan Rios - 2004-11-22
My parakeets are well groomed I can let them be outside out their cage and they come back after about five minutes. Since I am hispanic they know english and spanish. They know that whenever anyone of my friends come over that they should be good and not copy what they say. Whenever the songs by Nelly come on, they dance. They really like "flap your wings" and "shake your tailfeather". Every morning they always want to be on my bed just goofing around. When they are on the my shoulder they are always chewing on gold necklace.

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Tasha Turner - 2004-11-22
Mice are fun but it comes with responsibility and one fact, make sure you have an air freshner.

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Laura - 2004-11-21
I had a rabbit and it was sweet but then started biting and growling but they are very sweet still. BY.Laura Dean FROM.Goergetown s.c.


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