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Stacey - 2004-06-17
i have a 5 week old lorikeet who loves to come out of her cage. if you leave him/her in the cage he/she will start to make all sorts of weired noises and wont shutup untill she is let out. Scooby is a real sweety.

I urge anyone whishing to buy a lorrikeet to please reasearch as much as possible first and to ensure you can spend adequate time with your bird.

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Kimberly - 2004-06-17
My Black Moors name is Schwartzie and he shares a tank with a calico fantail named Gefilte. He has a really unusual behaviour. He will lay at the bottom of the tank for minutes at a time just staring at the world through some glass rocks. I guess he likes the way it distorts the images or maybe its like glasses for him. I read that moors have pretty poor eyesight... Who knows? After he watches the world go by for a few minutes, he takes a few laps around the tank and then finds another rock to stare through. Very funny to watch!

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Anonymous - 2004-06-16
In (Description:) you refer to racoons as carnivores, then contradicted that statement in (Care & Feeding), refering to them as omnivores. They are in fact the later, omnivores.

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Will Richmond - 2004-06-16
I have been raising Molucccan Cockatoos , well a pair anyway, now for over ten years , I plead to you this do not let them live their lives alone , get them mates and suffer the rages.```

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Brandi - 2004-06-16
I just bought two dwarf mice...their both white as can be...I got a male and a female...their names are Fred and Wilma. Im sorta hoping that Wilma will get pregnant sometime soon but i dunno. Fred is kinda mean to her.

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Anonymous - 2004-06-16
I never really was interested in buying my son a fish tank until he watched the movie FINDING NEMO and since then he has been bound and determined to own a fish like NEMO of his own.

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jeff - 2004-06-15
Ive had a banjo cat for maybe a year now, it lives with an oscar, and i have constantly thought that it was dead. It is a cool looking fish, but it does absolutly nothing.

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shari - 2004-06-15
I hope Misty has placed her Oranda in an aquarium or pond by now. If not it will not live long. Mine are 3 years old, happily living in a pond with koi and have reproduced once. The variety of colorations from this breeding has been amazing. Some may be part koi.

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adnama316 - 2004-06-15
i have a teddy bear hamster named Hammy.he has manny nicknames:Hambone,Ham,and The Hamster.He has been a joy 2 have.Teddy bear hamsters are the absulute best to have. hammy is even poty trained!

Gregory - 2004-06-15
Next Wednesday, I am supposed to get two winter white dwarf hamsters. At the time I am a bit nervous if this is a good choice. Also, I am getting lots of different opinions. Next week, I will experience something I have been waiting for, for over a year.


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