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Laymond Leaks - 2004-12-28
I have been reading about them and had heard stories about the bigger ones in the wild eating baby monkeys that had fallen from trees anyway they are really beutiful fish and they are truly great as a pet. Mine is 20" and I love her and my royal pleco.

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jeremiah - 2004-12-28
i have found that an older ferret is a much better choice unless you have alot of patients. i had a kit and just about pulled out my hair trying to train him. he whined alot at night and made alot of noise. just recently i got a 4yr old female ferret someone no longer wanted and i was really happy. she is sooooo sweet and loveable!

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Diana Theiss - 2004-12-27
I am a preschool teacher and we have a dwarf rabbit. His name is oliver and he is very sweet, the kids just love him. We let him play in the classroom, he is just another one other the kids with his own presonality. We love him very much, I would say a dwarf rabbit is a great pet for kids.

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Matt - 2004-12-27
Hi! I think that mice can make GREAT pets if they are cared for properly. They are friendly, inquisitive and playful. I havenever bred mice but hope to one day. Like animals???? Why not join my pet forum at thanks!

Mice R cool!!!!!

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Angela - 2004-12-27
i have a pretty blue and red betta fish. i wasnt really sure if i wanted a fish but my boyfriend talked me into it and i love it now. i am a huge animal lover i have a bettea fish and will be getting more fishes, i have a hamster and a black lab.

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Angela - 2004-12-27
I have a Teddy Bear Hamster named Teddy. I love him so much he will not let anyone else hold him unless i put him in another persons hand. When i first bought him a ball to roam around the house alone he went crazy and stayed active for at least 3 hours.

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ken - 2004-12-27
I have a redtail catfish in a tank with a snakehead. They are both pretty good predators. I started out with about 25 south american cichlids (oscars, dempseys, convicts, arrowana) of varied species in a 120 gallon tank fish tank along with the redtail and snakehead. Now there is two! May the best man win! They have co-habitated for some time now and appear to be great tankmates.


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kayla - 2004-12-27
Mini lops are the most adorable bunnies out there. Besides their cuteness, they are wonderful pets and they are very snuggly. I have two and they are brother and sister, and they are my "snugglebunnies".

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Bill Ostrander, III - 2004-12-26
I owned one of these for several months and was my pride and joy. A very beautiful fish and wonderful to watch/interact with. I had lots of rockwork for him to hide amongst and he loved every part of it. I had to trade him in unfortunately because he tried to eat my powder blue tang. As soon as the grouper was out of the tank in a quarantine tank (to allow the tang to become acclimated), all of my other fish that had been hiding all the time came out. I put two and two together, and unfortunately the answer meant trading him in to my local fish store for in store credit. Probably one of the best fish I have owned, I just wish I had planned better as far as compatability.

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Kent - 2004-12-26
I got to know (more-or-less) a Scarlet Macaw in the 1980s when I was staying in a hotel in the Yucatan. The building was in the depths of the forest, and had windows without glass and a ground floor that opened on all sides to the jungle. The bird, I imagine, was quite old. It had no cage, just wandered around the ground floor of the hotel. I never saw it leave the building. It yammered to itself incessantly, and had a broken wing which it dragged along the floor. Seemingly a very unhappy bird. It definitely did not like to be bothered; if you got in its way it would yowl at you. I always felt sorry for it. It think its life was going badly. I stayed at the hotel for a month, working on a screenplay, and saw a small army of tourists come and go. Everyone was introduced to the bird, and most ended up being quite wary of it. Sometimes, during dinner in the dining room, it would just stand at the far side of the room and watch the guests eat.


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