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lildevil/tomboy - 2004-10-03
you should have more information on wild canaries, but your sites pretty good otherwise.

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ME - 2004-10-03
Day 2 with my feathered friend and im a little apprehesive. I bought her for my 5-year old daughter and it was love at 1st site. The problem I have is he seems to be an escape artist. Watching him get stuck in the cage was a little nerve wracking. Thinking it best to let him get himself free and never imagining he would fit, well...1st the head, then a wing, then the other, and to the ground he went.(lady at a discount pet supermarket in ft. myers fla. told me it was best for her to clip its wings) Now I have to figure out what i will do if I leave him to go to work because he cannot fly back in the cage for food etc.

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Amanda - 2004-10-03
i have just purchased a 16 week old male glider. he is so neat. so far so good on bonding....he still crabs tho and its been almost 2 months since i bought him. but he has never bitten me. i love him alot. they are groovy animals!!! amanda

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Chris S - 2004-10-03
I have kept Leporinus fasciatus for about 5-6 yrs. I got a pair of them (2 really), not knowing how to distinguish the gender! ;)
I would strongly suggest that if soomeone purchases leporinus fasciatus, to get more than one. All of the aggression from this fish is between the 2 of them and in 5 yrs they have not harmed each other but seem to quarrel regularly. Many descriptions of this fish describe them as sluggish or lazy. This is strange because they are the most active fish i have kept and they are very long lived from the looks of it. I cannot stress how hardy they are.
My fish are under the care of my sister now, in a one hundred gallon. Almost every time she cleans the tank or vaccuums it, one of them leaps out to incredible distances. I am serious, 12 feet was the last distance last week. It seems impossible, but true!
Varied diet describes what they eat more than herbivoeous. The various descriptions of this fish are very old for reference and do not seem to ever get updated because they have been available in the hobby for decades. Great fish !!! mine are 7 inches each and they seem to do a crazy courtship-type dance that is tough to describe. No breeding here yet though!
But I sure hope they breed! :)

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nissa - 2004-10-02
i am 13 and have 2 guineas. i think this page was very helpful to all guinea pig lovers. i thought you could add a little bit more on how to entertain your guinea and what toys you could buy or make yourself.

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Bryan Johnston - 2004-10-02
I have six salvinis, 2 males and maybe four females. one pair is quite a bit larger than the other four fish. Anyway, they are in a tank with convicts angels, clown loaches, and two red head cichlids.T he largest male is the dominant fish in the tank but hes no killer except with feeder fish and insects. When he gets his treats he is deadly. Right now the 2 larger females seem to have territories at each end of the tank. The adult male still has full control though. I will post more here when they breed. They are stunning fish. id reccomend them to anyone interested in keeping cichlids

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Madbaz - 2004-10-02
My Daughter was given a Black Moor for her birthday 18 months ago but it out grew the 2 gal hexafun tank, He/She now lives happily in my 120gal tropical tank but has the occasional argument with the plec.

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lolamo - 2004-10-02
those hamsters are cute but i HATE the redish eyes. you might think they are cuter than any other hamster but i dont think so. my hamster is cutest of them all.

Marissa Wilson795 - 2004-10-01
Hi i have three hamsters, one is a dwarf the other two are teddy bear hamsters. the dwarfs name is Dot, the black teddy bear hamster is Cocoa, and the other ones name is Cinnamon, Cinni for short. i got Cocoa because i saw one of my friends had one so i got it. i then got Dot from a family who did not take care of him. i got Cinnamon at Petco because they were just babies and were soooooooooooo cute.

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Mike - 2004-10-01
lion fishes are so awesome its not funny. they dont even think twice about being so cool


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