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Michael Crespi - 2004-12-12
How did you get him to hold still to take that picture? They are always darting all over the place. I like them because they liven up the tank. I always keep them with some cichlids. I just had two die today rather suddenly for no apparent reason with a pair of Bala Sharks. All I did was a routine water change and they were dead in two hours. I had that happen once before many years ago. One of the foods I feed my fish is beefheart. The Tinfoils devour it. They grow fast an big too. So do my cichlids.

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Rachel - 2004-12-12
mouseys are super cute but just a little advice - make sure you get your mouse from a trustworthy pet store - both of mine recently got cancerous tumors after only having them a year. the vet said this is common among rodents, mainly because of poor pet-store breeding. now one of them is gone and the other is extremely depressed after losing its only friend. i dont know what to do; it may not get along if i got another mouse.

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Kelli Borchering - 2004-12-11
We stumbled on to our New Zealand on accident. it seems someone bought her and decided a rabbit wasnt right for them. So they set her free in a neighborhood with a bunch of big dogs. Well, we still have her, 5 months and 3 cages later, milkyway is now a member of the family. We just love her! I have fish, cats, a dog, and now the bunny. Critters are great pals!

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Lynne - 2004-12-11
Fantastic pet. Intelligent, loving, cute, a challenge. I love mine to bits. Make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for before you get them, really do the research.

I had wanted ferrets for years. I didnt commit because I realised that they would be a big responsibility and needed the same (or more) commitment than owning a dog. I mean, lets face it some people think they smell and are vicious ( I like their smell and mine arent vicious ). So getting someone to look after them while on holiday could be an issue.

This year I decided to get two sisters from a rescue after swatting up on ferret facts for about 18 months in forums on the net. Father Christmas came early and got me a huge cage. I have had the girls for just over 2 months. They are lovely. They are cute, crazy sweet and have taken over our lives. My husband, who wasnt keen on the idea of ferrets, has gone completely soft in the head about them. My grown up sons think they are great. I have no problems with holiday care because sons will have them, or a ferret owning friend, or the rescue will board them. I miss them when I am at work and when I am at home I keep talking to them and stroking them through the bars.

When I let them out to play they go completely nuts. I change their toys regularly to keep them stimulated. Their favourite toy is a 21" diameter washing bowl with long grain rice in to a depth of about 3" deep, They dig in it, wrestle on it and scuba through it. It makes a mess, -I dont care, LOL. I have a hand held rechargeable vacuum cleaner and clean it up when I think necessary.

I limit them to one room which is ferret proofed. I plan to ferret proof the rest of the house to broaden their horizons.

I got the book "Ferrets for Dummies" which is packed with info. I also find there is tons of info on the net. One thing I have found though is that ferret owners are passionate about their ferrets and can also passionately disagree about their care. It is a case of hunting around for what info seems correct, not necessarily accepting the first thing you read.

BTW the subject of flea treatments seems to be a controversial one judging by what I have read on various message boards. Luckily my girls havent got them.

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Dominic.D. - 2004-12-11
I just got a Dwarf bunnie on December 9. I named him Snickers. he is adorabie and I love him very much. he loves to cuddle us. he is the best pet ever!

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emgrph - 2004-12-10
a few years ago i owned a few rabbits but i think the best natured rabbit i had was a black mini lop called sillvester. he was so cute and loved all the food i gave him. mini lops are not picky eaters and now i know what type of rabbit to get if anyone asks!!!

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Tricia - 2004-12-10
I like your site. Guinea pigs and rabbits should not be housed together, They are different, Have different needs, and a slight kick from a bunny could kill a pig.
howver, Guinea pigs can be housed with other guinea pigs, as buns can be housed with other buns.

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Robbyn McFarland - 2004-12-10
I have had my powder blue tang Starfish for 9 years! I had no idea a saltwater fish in captivity would live this long. He is only about four inches long, but so beautiful. He is like a true family pet and I will be sad to see him go. He loves brine shrimp and flakes, and dines on the algae in my tank daily. Truly a beautiful fish.

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paul gumbrecht - 2004-12-10

yes, I am new to having parakeets I am semi retired and have never experienced such a relationship with pets like, Moe,Larry,Curly & Ghost. I started in April and bought one every month, as I saw fit, I gave them the freedom they needed with a gym, a 10x10 room. I think I have 2 males and 2 females, they seem happy and I cannot wait till I get home to humor them and me. they are very tame except,the ghost, she flutters like a maniac. I know they are talking but I do not understand, Anyway this is a great site, I really learned a lot and was so happy to read about other pet owners who respect and love them as I do. PS they love the radio, I leave it on all the time, oldies of course! I would like to hear from some Budgie owners with their experiences. Thanx

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Eduardo Rodriguez - 2004-12-10

In the southern part of the island of Puerto Rico, in the city of Ponce were I live; there are flocks of the spice bird. We can see it
in the urban area, also picking the seeds left by the pet birds.
They eat the seed of the called "Hierba de Guinea", which is a grass
originally from Guinea in Africa; brought by the spaniards to feed

Eduardo Rodriguez
Ponce, Puerto Rico


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