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Paula - 2004-12-23
We just got our bunny about 3 weeks ago. She is a silver marten and the most loving little girl you ever want to meet. She loves to kiss us on the chin. Her name is Kady and we have two guinea pigs that she likes to box. I am so glad that my little girl wanted to get her. I have had big rabbits in the past but this little girl is so special.

Paula, Baton Rouge, LA

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mj moore - 2004-12-23
Ive always kept a flame hawk and never thought of them as shy or difficult to keep.mine is a hand feeder,but be aware of their tendancy to leap out of the tank...i lost one after 3 years that way...what a bust...These fish are quite personable and will add alot of personality to your tank.This one i call scooter-and on occasion he will rest on my hand as i do water changes...I would highly recommend this fish to any keeper...if you are new to the hobby...this one will win you over in no of luck...mj

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Rory - 2004-12-22
Guinea pigs are easy pets to take care of. If you have 2 guinea pigs and only have one cage it is a good idea if you get 2 girls because they wont fight as much.

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Anonymous - 2004-12-22
There is a lot of people that encourage others to buy clown fish because of a movie that they saw and are really clueless about how much knowledge goes into owning one of these fish. I suggest researching EVERYTHING that goes into owning a clown fish BEFORE buying one so that the same thing that happened with the dalmation dogs after the movie "101 Dalmations" came out doesnt happen with clown fish and "Finding Nemo". If you are thinking about a clown fish, do yourself and the fish a favor and research them at Go to the forum "New to the Hobby" and ask questions! Also, get a book and read it!

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alysha - 2004-12-22
My black moor was left in a hotel room to die, by some horrible person. so my boyfriend who cleans hotel rooms brought him home for me. sprinkles is now a happy 2 year old, my mom got me a bigger tank for him for christmas so i am very excited to get him acquainted with it!! my sprinkes is so cute, and a very special part of my life!

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Paige - 2004-12-21
They are so sweet! I know because I have two of them!

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Samantha - 2004-12-21
my name is samantha and i have a dwarf hamster her name is princess i think that dwarf hamsters are good pets but at night she always run on her wheel but she is the best everybody shpuld have one!

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Klara Bartos - 2004-12-21
Mice are loveable creatures, and are a great pet for people of all ages. i have had mice for roughly a year, and have found them enjoyable and fascinating pets.

Mice, although are sociable creatures who enjoy company, can be kept alone, but ONLY if they are given a stimulating environment and continuous human contact and love.

When choosing a sex, i think that females are easier to an extent.
I have kept various female mice together, and they love snuggling up and grooming eachother.
the male mice i have had fought for dominance when they meet, but usually they can get used to eachother in time.

When breeding mice, i find the harem method useful; this is when three or more females are kept with one male over a period of time.
Also, if a female is having pups, she should be kept with her female cagemate, because on most occasions, the cagemate will babysit for her, and help her with the pups.
Furthermore, if two females are both having babies at aroung the same time, i find that they take care of eachothers litters.

Mice are also easy and cheap to look after.
good and safe cages for mice are the habitrail mini, the crittertrail cages and the S.A.M cages. all these cages have tube attachments so that you mouse can live in a stimulating and fun environment. and althought expensive, they are worth every cent.

Glass aquariums also work well for my mice. I have added toys like toilet rolls, egg cartons and hammocks to play on.

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Alexander Benvenuto - 2004-12-21
Hello...I was the one who posted about having Cici anyway that was in July now i have 3 cockatiels lone lutino and two normal grey and i also have 3 Budgies.

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Moe Thet Khin - 2004-12-21
I have 3 opaline Gouramis, a platy, 4 tiger barbs, 4 catfish, 3 guppies and 2 Zebra danios. The two bigger ones tried to attack the smaller one. The biggest one attacked the smaller one on the tail so the smaller one cannot swim with its tail because its tail is bent. it has to swim with its fins. When I feed the food it cannot even come to the surface to eat, so it had been starving for 2 days. my father decided to change it into an empty tank, then he (my father)can feed the small opline Gourami. I hope it will be better in a few days.


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