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Sailorgirl - 2005-01-02
We have had Rin and Stimpy (our two firefish) for 2 years in our 135 gal aquarium. They have been hiding in a rock off and on for over 2 months now. Today we realized why!!! We have baby fire fish about 1//4" long swimming near their rock. Shrimp is the only thing to ever reproduce in our tank. We are so excited. Hopefully a few of them will grow big enough to be safe in the tank.

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Dee - 2005-01-02
I added 3 pair of Congos (a/k/a featherfins) to my 135 gal "Amazon Basin" group of inhabitants. They are particularly fond of freeze-dried ocean plankton and all flake foods. They grew fast in the big tank which includes large gold severum,green severum (breeding groups), silver dollars, jurapari and annostomus. They add a beauty and distinction when "cruisng" along and their fins have grown to be luxurious. A spectacular fish when back-lit!

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Aleka Mouratidis - 2005-01-02
Hi my name is aleka and I am from VA I have a hamster but I have just forgotten what kind of hamster he is!! His name is Hammy Cheeks Jr. (Hammy wus da first thing dat came 2 mind and Cheeks wus because he stores food in his cheeks so much and Jr. because that is my sisters hamsters name) My hamster is so cute but keeps me up al night with his squeaking of his wheel. Just 5min. ago I just finished doing my science fair project on him and he got to explore and eat and I think he had the time of his life. He had to go through a maze with food at the end and dont worry I looked up what foods hamsters can eat and what they cant. My sisters both have hamsters 2 my sis Celena has a teddy bear hamster and he is so cuddly but I like mine with its short hair and my other sister has my hamsters brother but they still both hate each other even though they are brothers. Well I have to go put my hamster back in his cage after a lot of testing he must be pooped Hammy and I say goodbye and goodnight and tomorrow is skool and that sucks thanx 4 reading this, thnks and good night

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Courtney - 2005-01-01
i have two birds, both males. thereforth they should not be sexual twards each other but one cleans or pics at anothers body. when they are flying around the room they always sit near each other and do this/its sort of looking like they are cleaning each other but im not quite sure

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Alycat! - 2005-01-01
Hey! This site is cool! I have 4 guinea pigs, and I also have 3 hamsters 3 gerbils, 2 cats, 4 small birds,1 betta and 3 goldfish. I absolutly love animals!! Guinea pigs should be cleaned every 2 days depending on the size of their cage, and should be kept with a companion animal from the start! 2 guinea pigs together work good, but they should be brothers or sisters, or 2 females or 2 males. you can also keep guinea pigs with miniature rabbits. i had 1 of my guinea pigs with 2 miniature bunnys, but had to get rid of the bunnies bcuz of allergies. oh, and guinea pigs should get a piece of romaine lettuce every morning or every night (normal lettuce can hurt them, and large pieces of celery is poisonous, rubarb is also poisonous, and they should always have fresh hay availiable, and a rather large water bottle as they tend to drink alot!!

Erin - 2005-01-01
My guinea pig I think had mites and I got rid of them by giving my pig a bath in olive oil then washing it of with baby shampoo

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CherokeeCandy - 2005-01-01
I removed my three Alexandrines from their nest at two weeks. The three have totally different personalities. All treated the same with am and pm, one on one, as well as group attention. They love their baths and they demand I blow dry them afterwards (this was a daily occurance while I was hand feeding to keep their soft feathers from becoming so dry and mucky). The oldest one is the least friendly, very vicious inside the cage and mellow outside. The middle one, the smartest of all, picks up words constantly at 8 months old and the other two follow its lead. Middle one is very friendly and loves to kiss. Baby is simply a heart stealer. Baby is the clown of the group, extremely passive inside and outside of the cage. Loves to kiss and ride ATVs. Baby will stop playing and run over for a smooch then continue with playing. If a trainer takes a little time with these precious little bodies, marvelous beings can arise.

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James - 2005-01-01
I keep my snakeskin gourami in a large community tank filled with congo tetras, scissortails, corydoras cats and kribs. She gets on very well with everyone, though she occasionally picks fights with the male congo tetras and the kribs, but has never won despite being much bigger than every fish in the tank. One problem i did have with her was that she would kill any pearl gouramis i put in the tank, there was loads of plants and other places to hide, but she would seek out the pearl gouramis and chase them non-stop until they were dead.
Two things i like most about the snakeskin gourami is that they grow big, (but not so big that you need a huge tank, like the 2ft giant gourami)and also that not many people seem to have them. Most of the fishkeepers i know had not seen or heard of them, and they are not in many books.

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Jenna - 2005-01-01
well a dutch rabbit is a very good pet. they make great pets for children and adults also. you can keep them indoors or outdoors, but it is best to keep them indoors. i dont know much about them yet though. well all i can say is that they make great pets.

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phil - 2005-01-01
happened to stumble across an excellent specimen, and could not pass it up, as i knew i would never see another one in such good shape anytime soon; not to mention the fact that i only paid $55 for a fish that would eaisly go for $90 plus any where else! I was worried at first that my existing tang (a 2.5 inch desjardin sailfin) and it would not get along. Within an hour the 2 were swimming about the tank! Talk about luck! Eats like a horse and is doing great!


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