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Brandon Jelsema - 2005-01-14
These rabbits are great pets,and they are usually very nice.

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claire nohun - 2005-01-14
I love rats! They are so cute and cuddly.I WOULD RECOMEND RATS TO EVERYONE! So go get a RAT!

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Misha - 2005-01-14
Got a lionhead goldfish names "Poko" today. Very cute fish.

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Hannah Corfeild - 2005-01-14
I love my 2 bundles of joy and they love me back. they are my 2nd most favourite breeds. my favourite is the great big French lop rabbits because they are the attention seekers and are allowed up stairs. My 2 New Zealand does are both Lilac coloured and are sisters. they are so gorgeous. I have 5 rabbits and Lelow is the best of all. she comes with me to the paper shop and back on a dog harness (how cute is that)?.

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Mary - 2005-01-14
They truly are beautiful fish. I have 6 in a 10 gallon tank. Although I cannot tell male from female, I must have some of both cause they keep having fry. They make a great first pet.

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Keith Allison - 2005-01-13
My wife and I have a great,and beautifull Blue and Gold named KoKo.
He is three years old , and we have had him/her since he was fourteen weeks old. He gets along with our labrador and two cats very well. actually he is the boss among our animals, but they have a very symbiotic relationship that could be on "funniest videos" every day. He can say numerous words and phrases, such as: Hello Koko, uh-oh, bad bird, good bird, peek-a-boo and much more. Every time he hears a knock on the door or the phone ring he answers Hello! My wife and I can both handle him and encourage others to do the same under supervision so that he will not go one sided. He does favor me more, but I worked with him at the start to be handled by my wife and friends, and it has made him an important member of the family.

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Tim Holyoake - 2005-01-13
I have 2 banjos. I actullay picked up 1 dead one with my fingers to throw him out, But he "Felt" alive. I let him drop back into the tank and he was still dead. The next morning he had moved, and the next again.
They are ugly (Even a mother would have second thoughts). Boring (I have never seen either of them move under there own steam). Even when you can find where they are you usually cant see them,(Buried in sand or under bog wood. So why do I openly admit to them being my favorites. I must be as dense as the rest of you guys....... ! ! !

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ciara - 2005-01-13
mice are first great pets especially for young children!!!

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Kelsey pettus - 2005-01-13
These are the cutest baby gunie pigs!

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Megan - 2005-01-13
I have two english angoras and they are the best pets you could possibly have! Whats best about them, besides being irrisistably cute, is they are VERY sociable and will follow you around like a dog, begging for attention. If you are looking for a cute, friendly pet these are definetly the pet for you!!(as long as you are willing to groom them)


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