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Lara - 2004-11-10
My best friend has a pet racoon, her mom found it at her work. It was very small when they took it home and would crawl and hide under piles of blankets. it liked to eat cheerios out of your hand and was very tame. now it is about a year old and very wild because the boys in the house taught it how to fight when they would mess around with it. it only goes to certain people and if you try to pet it he will bite or scratch you. It gets into everything, and is not house trained. It likes to crack open raw eggs and eat the yolk out of it. Even still, it is a great pet when treated right and taken great care of.

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chris - 2004-11-10
I have had my 4 Tin Foil Barbs for 6 months or so, and they have grown almost 6 inches! They are very hardy fish, good eaters, and fun tank mates. I currently have the barbs, 15 diamond tetras, a ropefish, 2 clown loaches, fiddler crab, and a pictus catfish in a 75 gallon tank. One additional note: these guys eat so much you have to be creative with their food to keep form going broke. I have a planted tank, and instead of throwing away plants that get too big, or any clippings i take from them, I feed them to the barbs. Also they love liver, which is really cheap at the supermarket. Cut up a beef liver into small squares, and throw them in the freezer. The barbs will love these.

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J. Jarzemkoski - 2004-11-10
In the week that I have had my Kole, I have only seen it a few times. He is very secretive. I wish he would come out more.

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kristen - 2004-11-10
I have 2 black moors and a goldfish in a tank together. I have had them for about a year now. The weirdest thing happened though. I had the two black moors first. Then I added a goldfish about the same size as them to the tank a few months later. Ever since then the black moors scales started changing colors and now one is completely gold, with only black around his eyes.(kinda looks like he has eyeliner on) Any way, they are great pets, they swim around a lot and are easy to care for.

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Cindy Steele - 2004-11-09
I have a male B&G named Jasper. He is now 2 1/2. We adopted him from the breeder when he was 1 yr old. He is definately a mama boy and I cannot imagine my life without him. Sometimes my husband thinks I love Jasper more than him. LOL. Jasper has an extensive vocabulary. He is now saying "Mama" and I say "yes sweetheart", and then he says "I love you mama" and I answer "I love you to Jasper". He is truely a joy and one of the loves of my life. C. Steele

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Guy - 2004-11-09
We rescue macaws and place in breeding programs.

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Sarah - 2004-11-09
hi. i no it has been way more then 2 weekes since i first wrote. but i did get my holland lop and she is just as sweet as can be. i have decided on namin her honey, because she is just as sweat as honey! lol. im planing on getting her a playmate around christmas. my best friends bunny just gave birth not to long ago, but unfortunately they r all spoking for. anyone who is trying to decide which breed of rabbit is right for you, try a holland lop they are the best and you wont regret that u did! sincerly Sarah=))
p.s i will try and write back a little after x-mas!=)

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go chill - 2004-11-09
chinchillas are sooooooo soft! it is so sad how they make furs out of them! the frist day that i had mine i was amazed at how fast she could run! it was as if she was boucing off the walls! i just love her! wow she goes though her che toys so fast i cant believe t! i mean seriously how much can you chew!? well if it makes her happy ...

Anonymous - 2004-11-09
Sometimes you need to get yoursef a treat, so get a chinchilla.

sucker for soft - 2004-11-09
they are soft... need i say more!!??


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