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Kristi - 2005-01-18
I have a Rainbow Lory named Jester (aprox 5 yrs old now)who is awesome. I bought her in a pet store (who is a most awesome store for birds in our area) aprox 3 years ago where she was left by a former owner. Jester was very cage territorial when first purchased. With alot of work (and battle worn hands mind you!!), Jester proved those problems could be overcome. Jester has a minimum vocab of 20 - 25 words/phrases with picking up new ones each year. The potential to learn seems wide open for Jester. Jester is a clown and an able bodied acrobat who has lots of love in her heart. Anyone who passes a lory over due to the report of the mess that comes with a lory (which can be contained with the use of a blanket or sheet over most of the cage ... throw in washer ... viola ... mess gone!!) is very short sighted and loses the chance to share their life with an outstanding companion bird.

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Kristi - 2005-01-18
We have had Zeus, our female cockatoo, since she was a baby ... her feathers were just coming in .. boy she was ugly! LOL We allowed the pet store to wean her until she dropped her lunch meal then I took her home and hand fed her the rest of the way. She is now aprox 3 going on 4 years now. She is the sweetest bird a person could ask for. She is not usual in the cockatoos as in that she is not a big yeller .. although when she actually does decide to scream she makes up for all her past silence ... right now she is over preening herself so we are trying to discover why she is doing this. But she is a big baby and would suggest to anyone looking for a snuggle bird to consider the Umbi ... but please research your purchase and understand the cockatoo before purchasing.

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Kristi - 2005-01-18
I have 2 blu/golds. One is named Cookie (my first purchase ... she was formerly owned by another person and I bought her when she was almost two) who is now aprox 5 yrs old. Then I have Lacy, who is ten. I just purchased her about 3 months ago but have known of her for aprox 5 yrs. Lacy and Cookie (and most of my other birds) came from the same pet store. Lacy was purchased by someone who due to family situation needed to find another home for her. So she joined our flock a few months ago. Blu/Golds are my fav macaws. They seem to be the most laid back and open macaws I have had the pleasure to deal with. They aim to please the human they have contact with, they love to receive love as well as give it back. And when I stand back and see these two parrots, it amazes me that I am priviledged to have the trust that I do from them. I love all my birds and consider them my fids (feathered kids).

(PS ... Shay ... it is sometimes keeping these endangered species like we do that saves them from being extinct.)

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Braydon - 2005-01-18
Ilove chinchillas becaus they are cute fr .braydon

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koko - 2005-01-18
i have a rabbit like this and it is so cute. i luv it so much. i got it when i was 12 and it was 1. i got it at a petstore called caca mart

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Ridewaan - 2005-01-18
I have a peach fronted and a green cheeked conure. The latter for 2 years. I have taught my green cheek (Kosie) to respond on request. His feather are fully grown and he flies around the house as he wishes. One day he flew out by the back door left open and returned back 15 minutes later. I was at work at the time and only found out about this 2 days later. Kosie likes Tea and Coffee. He talks a lot but his words are not very clear. I had many types of birds for many years and i think that the green cheeked conures are among the most intelligent birds.

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fiona - 2005-01-18
i think mice make excellent pets! i wanted a ferret but then i stumbled across these little fuzzy creatures! i am currently saving up my money for some i have found some information from websites everywhere! but this site has the best info but.....the only thing is that i now know not to use pine shavings from comments on here! so thanks guys! and soon i will be getting two female mice and i will call them cookie and fudge (yes i have thought of names for them already!!!lol) so thanks 4 tha great info lets hope my mice will have a long healthy and happy life c-ya

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rebecca oliver - 2005-01-17
Hi my name is rebecca im from australia
i have a 11 week old ferret her name is bandit.... i couldnt think of a day with out her now... she is sooo playfull and soo cute... my hubby wasnt really keen on the idea of having a ferret but he gave in and let me have on he got her for me for christmas... it was the best thing i have ever got. i love her to bits.
she(bandit)is a sable and shehas a mask over her eyes thats why we called her bandit or bandy for short.. shes soo cute god i love her..if anyone wants to chat ot me about your ferret or mine feel free to email me on

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aislinn - 2005-01-17
hi my baby hamster is the sweetest!

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Ian Smith - 2005-01-17
I am head aquarist at The Fountain Hotel where we have a 1000 gallon marine tank. We have recently acquired a blue spotted ray and he really is a very nice looking fish. He will share the tank with a Bamboo Cat-Shark, who has just laid six egg cases, four yellow sailfin tangs, a Naso Tang, a Lion Fish and my biggest head-ache a Sgt. Major Damsel fish. He attacks just about everything, except our shark, and has avoided all attempts at capture. Back to the drawing board.


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