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Deana - 2004-12-25
I also released my gray squirrel on my property.
She is now almost 2 years old! Still comes when i call her, and doesnt get too far away. she sees my car pull in the drive and here she comes!! (I just better have a treat for her!)

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Shelly - 2004-12-25
I also have a pet raccoon now. He is 14 months old.
Yes he is much more than i ever imagined!! Not necessarily "tearing" things up, yeah he could i guess, but he just likes to make a total mess of everything, i dont care what it is, he can make a mess of it!
alot of people get them and at about 5 months decide to get rid of them b/c of their coonie behavior.. either dumping them off in the wild, or hurting them!
I made a committment to my coonie and to myself no matter what happened i would always keep him and be good to him.
He is only playing and if anyone has ever seen a wild coon fight, they would know the difference!! A friend says I have the meanest coonie ever!!! He doesnt have a mean bone in his body!!!
Just because he darts off the bed and chases me around the table then jumps as high as he can to bite whatever he can bite..LOL
i just have to tell myself, hes only playing..

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kayla - 2004-12-25
my mini lop is the cutest pet ive ever had! he is sooo chubby and he loves to eat. he chases the famly cat around! he is a great pet!

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Jessie - 2004-12-24
I have a six year old Yellow Collared named Elvis. Elvis is quite the character. He is not a good talker, but he makes up for it in his personality. He is a bit hyperactive, but a great pet.

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Rachel - 2004-12-24
This is a fun, easy to care for pet.

Jan - 2004-12-24
I recently got a beta...had not had one since I was a kid. The past couple of days I was trying to conserve oil while I was waiting for an oil delivery and I had the heat set at 55 degrees. I noticed my fish was not moving around like usual although he was still eating. My oil came today and I put the heat back up to 70 degrees and he perked right up. Then I realized that it was the cold that was bothering him. So I looked at some sites and I see that they prefer warmer water.

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April - 2004-12-23
Holland Lops are soooooooo cute I have two of them and I think that these are the cutest types of rabbits. They are so calm and dosile and mine lick my face like a puppy! their adorable!

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Anonymous - 2004-12-23
If you add them to a "mostly fish only" tank containing hardy corals such as mushrooms and polyps, it will soon become a "true fish only" tank. My new puffer eats my mushrooms as if they were pancakes hot off the griddle! :-)

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Anonymous - 2004-12-23
I like these fish, and they are very energetic, like me.

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christian alvarez - 2004-12-23
the first time bought a bubble eye, it lived only for one month. it is really a hardy fish!


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