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jessica - 2005-01-25
I have an Alexandrine Parakeet named Frankie, he has just started getting his ring around his neck and a few pink feathers. He is about 15 months old and isnt very friendly while in his cage, but when out of the cage he sometimes gets very mean. He is now just starting to talk infront of my family and me. Im his owner i dont understand why he dosent be friendly towards me. He says a few words like hello, Pretty Boy, Frankie boy and he also mumbles which is really funny to listen to. Maybe it will take him a while to get used to me

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cory tymson - 2005-01-25
The Catalina is an extremly beautiful bird, I own a Military Macaw named Fenix,I could only imagine owning another bird as beautiful as the Catalina. Smashing colors, so cool!

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mahipal - 2005-01-25
i got four butterfly fish and one arrowana about a month ago. kept them in a quarantine tank for three weeks. i lost my arrowana but the butterflies survived. now a week ago i added them to my already planted tank that has two discuss, one feather tail and four angels and all seems to be o.k. for now. MAHIPAL from NEW DELHI, INDIA.

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Kimberly Johnston - 2005-01-24
Hi I just recently bought a teddy bear hamster and her name is Balissa. She just recently had 6 babies. 2 are brown and the rest are white. They are so cute. They are the first baby hamsters that I have ever seen and so I find it very amazing. Balissa treats them real good and she is about 4 or 5 months now.

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Kelsey Foster - 2005-01-24
Hi, my name is Kelsey foster,and I have a Mini Rex that I got from a really good breeder. It is a broken and also a male. He is so gentle and soft. He is a very good show rabbit.

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pete vetrano - 2005-01-24
all i can say is that i have congo grey, his name is puppy. only those who have greys can really appreciate and understand how playfull and smart these guys really are. i have had mine for about a year now an he`s like part of the family. when hes feeling left out...thats when he starts makin noises that i cant even describe. as far as playful...he loves it when we play tag, and somtimes i swear it seems like he`s laughing. but in short i highly recommend the grey. anybody considering purchasing a grey, when you get it your in for a treat. its like havin a kid. treat it like one and trust me...amazed will be an understatement

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Richie - 2005-01-23
I have one in my tropical. I have only had it for a few weeks but already it has kept my rainbow shark in line. I originally had two but one died not long after getting introduced. The one fish is managing fine to keep a 92 L tank clean but getting fat.
Richie B Scotland

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ROSIE - 2005-01-23
I have 3 Shubunkins- Bijou, Draca and Kaia.I love them to bits!

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allan wadsworth - 2005-01-23
We have kept Phantoms many times. They are easy going interesting fish. almost playfull. Our small 9 gallon tank has been fine for them until recently. We added 6 tiger barbs and 2 weeks later 6 neon tetras making 21 fish including the 6 phantoms (we refresh 2 gallons of RO water every week). The Phantoms have now become rather shy hidding at the back behind some wood and grass.

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Nicole suarez - 2005-01-23
Polly my blue parakeet is the cute social bird


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