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Leah - 2005-01-31
oh I love pumpkin so much. when I hold her she cuddles right up into my hands. she especially likes my really fuzzy scarf.

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Chris Wilson - 2005-01-30
Avocado is also a big no-no.

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debbie - 2005-01-30
hi - we have just brought our first cockatoo, it is 16 weeks and very inquisitive.

We have called him cheeky, he has a nice new cage and on day 2 is taking sunflower seeds from all the family we have 3 children who are 12 13 and 14 - they all love him.

He was dancing tonight and pulling his wings back and clapping, he is a real entertainer.

We moved to Brisbane from UK in october 2004 it is now nearly february 2005 and we have just settled in our house, and Cheeky has complete our family, we are so happy and he now takes preference over the TV as he is more entertaining.

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Aerial Hawkins - 2005-01-30
~*~I got my mini rex when she was 2months old. I even got a certificate telling me everything about her. she just turned 7months old 5days ago!!! I spoil her too much sometimes, but I love watching her run around. I feed her treats called yogurt chips that you can buy at almost any pet store or wal-mart around. She does little tricks and jumps to get one. She was named by my ex-boyfriend, who got her for me. Her name is Miracle and I love her even though she does like being a little brat and keep me up all night long!!!

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Tanya - 2005-01-30
This is so great! I have a Bluffon, but never knew what type of macaw he is until now. People have told me several times that mine was probably a mix between a military and blue and gold, and I thought they were right because of the very few red feathers on the bridge of his nose, but then I see this beautiful bird above and I swear it is just like looking at my bird. Thank you for posting the picture.

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Ray Ortiz - 2005-01-30
This fish is territorial but not too agressive. The one I have, likes to hide behind live rock, and will only comeout if my other fish come close to his territory. I will keep him for now.

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jim - 2005-01-30
Hey i think guppies are great fish i have king cobra guppies and lyre tails. I breed them and the only thing i can tell people who are thinking about getting into the guppie business is KEEP THE DIFFERENT STRAINS OF GUPPIES SEPARTAE! because the pet store that you are selling them to will want to know what kind they are.

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r and e - 2005-01-29
Just got two small little boys today from our neighbors sister. My husband made the cage. They have been handled by children so it was easy for my 2 and a half year old boy to give one a cuddle. I hope they will bring us lots of joy.

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Peter - 2005-01-29
I have just bought a WHITE SPOT BRISTLE NOSE ANCISTRUS TODAY. seems to have settled straight into community tank life, going straight into action cleaning the algae from the glass. looks just like the predator in the films with out its mask on. will post again soon

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Katie - 2005-01-29
Mini lops are so sweet! If u were to get a bunny get a MINI LOP! They look like they have saddle bags as ears. Their so long and cute! If u have a indoor bunny put him on a leash and let him in the snow. They love it because they could live outside but its better indoors.


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