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mariah - 2004-08-29
i have 2 subunkin goldfish, mary and jary. they are so cute i love them! they get along with my fisrt goldfish kyle

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Dean - 2004-08-28
hi. i have a large 12 inch pangasius and 3 small 3 inch ones. i find these fish very communal fish and get along with fish such as discus, sharks, elephant fish, plecs, and all sorts although his favourite companion is the small 3 inch shark cat which i recently bought. this fish also enjoys an actinic blue bulb during the night. this still gives a visual on the tank and it also brings his striping blue markings up. he is currently in a 7ft tank and loves it.

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Scott - 2004-08-28
Those are not Silver Martens! They are solid black, please go to this website to see a REAL silver marten.

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chris - 2004-08-27
I got a black moor a little more then two months ago. i have enjoyed his company right from the start. I have him in a 2 gallon tank which we will augment to either 10 or 20 soon. Even though I now have a 72 gallon tank with 18 fish (clown loaches; tiger barbs and green tiger barbs; opaline, moonlight, and pearl gouramis; powder blue dwarf gouramis; and a pleco). I always come back to watch my first fish I bought. the black moor seems healthy and has huge fins compared to others. He is 1.5 inches long and is named buddy.

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Becky Ice - 2004-08-27
Crackers is almost 6 months old. I have had him/her for about 3 months and am crazy about this silly bird. They are so affectionate and playful. I am wondering if I should be expecting this bird to talk. I will still love my Crackers regardless, but was just curious. This is the best pet I have ever had.

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Jan Hayes - 2004-08-26
I have just purchased a greenback fairy wrasse a month or so ago. It has been a joy to watch in my tank. I was surprised to see that mine had no green to it. It is a purple fish. It has red spots on both sides and red dorsal and ventral fins. It has been completely peaceful, even from the beginning though my regal tang and my hawkfish harrassed it. He adapted well. In only a couple of days the fish was eating any frozen - green or meaty - food that I fed it and some pelleted food as well. I love his swim style of quivering the very end of his dorsal fin to move about. Jan

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Shay - 2004-08-26
I think that Platies are one of the best fish u can have!

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Jack - 2004-08-26
i have had my silver dollar for about 10 years now....he is in a tank with 4 cichlids and a pleco...the pleco has been in there since he has

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tilarama - 2004-08-26
in indonesia budgies are cheap.. less than 2 US$ each.. cmon guys.. come to my country..

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Shay - 2004-08-26
Hamsters Rock!


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