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Eleanor - 2005-02-07
I love animals , and I think my mini rex rabbit named Rose is the best pet in the world!

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Roxanne - 2005-02-07
I am a way awesome fish mom. I went from a little bowl to a 5 gallon tank with my moors in a WEEK! One of my moors has Ich, and im even giving him medicine which is something i thought id never do. These little fish are adorable and great to have around. Id recommend them to anyone.

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Rory - 2005-02-07
Some advise on Sugar Gliders. Try singing to them softly or playing soothing, classical music for them and remember, they can sense how you feel around them and they will react to this. Try acting and thinking possitive around them. If you are scared of them, why should they not be scared of you? Try speaking softly to them saying, "its okay, i know you are scared but i wont hurt you".

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Meghane - 2005-02-06
My grandmother has kept various birds over the years: finches, lovebirds, parakeets, and grey cockatiels just to name a few. By far the tiels were my absolute favorites. She has two, Misty Rain and Tammie Lynn, and they are just about the sweetest things you have ever seen! Misty especially. She is an older bird (almost 20) with a very sweet and tame disposition. Tammie is younger (about 8) and she is by far the more rambunctious. However, "Tamtam" as she is lovingly called, lays EGGS constantly!! My grandmother assumed that when she bought Tammie that she, like Misty, would not be an egglayer, but she lays eggs faithfully. They are very intelligent birds though and probably the cleanest of the many birds my grandmother has cared for. I am actually thinking of getting a tiel myself. It is between one of the baby tiels that my cousin is going to breed or a pretty little purple parakeet. I just cannot decide. I am leaning toward the tiels however; cleaner.

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Charlie roth - 2005-02-06
the best kind of rabbit is a netherland dwarf because they are not hyper. they will lay with you when you are watching tv. I have a netherland dwarf. it lives in my house. it does everything with me.

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daniel - 2005-02-06
I have had my blue ribbon eel for about one year now. For the first few weeks I tried to feed it ghost shrimp with no success. I then tried medium size gold fish, which he gobbled up. I fed him one every 3-5 days. Recently he went about three weeks without eating. I went through a ton of feeder fish, then I tried small feeder fish and now he eats 1-2 fish a day. He is my favorite animal in my 180 reef tank.

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Anonymous - 2005-02-05
we have a pet coon. after his mother was hit by a car by my barn, it took him three days to come out of his nest and find me. he was only two weeks old. i fed him from a baby bottle with 1 1/2 cups whole milk mixed with 1 raw egg and 2Tb sugar. i have had him for ten months and he is 22lbs.

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dana - 2005-02-05
I just got a Holland Lop yesterday for my 13th birthday. Her name is Tatiana, and she is the sweetest thing on Earth!!! I love her to death and know that she will be around forever!!

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kay conner - 2005-02-05
our harlequin is 8 1/2 years old. his name is Baby and he is the ruler of our roost. he is the one that keeps our other birds in line.
it has been a long time joke that if it came down to my Baby or my husband that my husband had best pack his bags. these are the most wonderful of all species. everybody should have the opportunity in life to be loved as these birds can love you.

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Anonymous - 2005-02-05
I bought one of these Raphael. There is no doubt that he loves cover/coves. Mine does not ever eat. it is in a tank with a pictus and they get along great. this fish is very interesting


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