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shirley - 2005-01-04
we just got our sun conure. his name is max and he is our first one. i love him so much. he gives me kisses and is so funny when you make him mad, he squaks and acts like he is a big bird and trys to give you a love bite. he is so pretty to. he has a yellowish orange red head with blue/green wings and body, along with tail and he has checkered pants that are red and green. he is such a sweet bird and we are so happy to welcome him in to our new home.

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chris - 2005-01-04
I have 2 serpaes in a crowded tank with mainly tetras but also guppy, molly, platy, pictus, and cory. The serpaes occasionally harrass each other but generally no problem at all.

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chris - 2005-01-04
I have a pictus catfish that really enjoys neons. The pictus is like a vaccuum cleaner, it tears around the tank devouring anything it can fit in its mouth. Amazingly it seems to be able to fit anything in there. Because the neons sleep on the bottom, 1 appears to go missing every few days at the same time the pictus appears bloated.

I have no problems with the neons themselves, but they make expensive food.

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Trev - 2005-01-04
I have two Plecos and are around about 4 inchs living with B,nose and a Black ghostknife, and arguments do occur occasionly. Love Zichini or cucumber. Love my Plecos...

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zenaide - 2005-01-04
My friend has a guinea pig. For his birthday, we made him a cake using grass, hay, apple slices, guinea pig treats and carrots .He loved it, but when my friend decided to try a slice, she spat it out saying that grass was disguting!!

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GS - 2005-01-04
I have two males and they are totally non-aggressive to the angelfish, silver dollars, green severum, algae eater, violet goby and baby Oscars I have in my tank. They are very lively and are continuously moving all over the tank at all water levels. Sometimes one or the other will school with either the angels or the dollars. They are all very happy together for now.

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kyle - 2005-01-04
the web site is great

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Maggie - 2005-01-04
Hi, my name is Maggie and I have a long haired,dark eared albino hamster named Jerry.He is cute!My first hamster Harry died of wet tail.

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Anonymous - 2005-01-04
I got my mini lop last May when she was 8 weeks old. I was a bit apprehensive bringing her home since I had three very spoiled Yorkies. Needless to say they all became immediate friends, infact, Daisy thinks she is a Yorkie. Daisy was easy to housebreak and ownes the whole basement level. She plays outside for over an hour everyday and the only time she is boarded is when I go out of town. I had Daisy spayed in September when she was six months old and starting to make a nest outside for she and her beloved Rudy (a male Yorkie)! Daisy is not a chewer, but she loves to bring a branch in the house on her way in from the outside. Is Daisy special, I think so!

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Amanda - 2005-01-04
I just love my mini rex. He is a blue buck and is only 7 months. Great companion.


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