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Howard - 2005-02-09
These Mini Lop Bunnies are absolutely the only bunny a person should get if they have never kept rabbits before. They have the best temperment! BAR NONE! In my opinion they have the calmist temperment and are cxtremely loyal! Mine is 12 weeks old and is already litter trained. I would take another mini lop over a cat ANYTIME! as they have much more PERSONALITY and are very funny to watch and play with.


A reformed cat lover.
and New Bunny Lover.

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Aneudy - 2005-02-09
These fish are great! they can make good tank cleaners. they can cheer you up because they are so cute when their whiskers wiggle.

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Barbara Cavalier - 2005-02-09
I had 2 of these birds. they are very sweet birds. they are also very smart. They would come to me when I called their names. They followed me around like a dog. They are loud but are very good pets.

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brittany and britt - 2005-02-08
i love chinchillas and minirexes so much!chinchillas are so adorable so are mini rexes

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Max Smelding - 2005-02-08
Growing up in the suburbs of Brooklyn New York, I never knew that wild racoons roamed the area at night. My first time I met a coon, came when I stumbled home a bit intoxicated from my neighborhood bar. To my surprise, going through my garbage was "Bandit," as he affectionately became known to me. What surpirsed me most, was Bandit seemed more curious than frightful of me. As a reward for this curiousity I went into my house and fed him some nachos and cheetos, which he really seemed to enjoy.

Bandit would come visit me on a very regular basis, usually waiting at my doorstep a few days a week. His intelligence and natural curiousity were remarkable, as was his calm and tame ways. Bandit and me would sit on the porch often and we would talk for hours. He seemed to have a deep understanding of me, and my inner-most thoughts. Bandit would perform the most humanlike behaviors and would copy me when I performed tricks such as spinning on my head and line dancing.

After a number of meetings, Bandit did move in with me and we had a wonderful relationship for a number of years. I was very dismayed, when I did come home one evening and found out that he had left.

I would highly recommend owning a coon to all. Bandits natural warmth and beauty are what faity tales are made of. I never did get over losing that coon.

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EB - 2005-02-08
My shubunkin is called Edward and he is wonderful! He lives with a common goldfish named Murphy. They have two bubblers that they like to swim in and out of. It is pretty funny to watch. They are both charismatic, lively, and adorable.

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Anonymous - 2005-02-08
i have 2 banjos that love frozen food. they do get active during day time. mine are a male and a female

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emma - 2005-02-08
Very strange, my very large clown trigger fish LOVES lettuce and broccoli it even passes the shrimp and other goodies by.

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Anonymous - 2005-02-08

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philip - 2005-02-07
I have 4 Flame Tetras. They are very active fish and like to follow each other in a small shoal. They are beautiful fish and their red stipe makes them very nice to look at.


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