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Tanya - 2005-01-30
This is so great! I have a Bluffon, but never knew what type of macaw he is until now. People have told me several times that mine was probably a mix between a military and blue and gold, and I thought they were right because of the very few red feathers on the bridge of his nose, but then I see this beautiful bird above and I swear it is just like looking at my bird. Thank you for posting the picture.

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Ray Ortiz - 2005-01-30
This fish is territorial but not too agressive. The one I have, likes to hide behind live rock, and will only comeout if my other fish come close to his territory. I will keep him for now.

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jim - 2005-01-30
Hey i think guppies are great fish i have king cobra guppies and lyre tails. I breed them and the only thing i can tell people who are thinking about getting into the guppie business is KEEP THE DIFFERENT STRAINS OF GUPPIES SEPARTAE! because the pet store that you are selling them to will want to know what kind they are.

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r and e - 2005-01-29
Just got two small little boys today from our neighbors sister. My husband made the cage. They have been handled by children so it was easy for my 2 and a half year old boy to give one a cuddle. I hope they will bring us lots of joy.

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Peter - 2005-01-29
I have just bought a WHITE SPOT BRISTLE NOSE ANCISTRUS TODAY. seems to have settled straight into community tank life, going straight into action cleaning the algae from the glass. looks just like the predator in the films with out its mask on. will post again soon

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Katie - 2005-01-29
Mini lops are so sweet! If u were to get a bunny get a MINI LOP! They look like they have saddle bags as ears. Their so long and cute! If u have a indoor bunny put him on a leash and let him in the snow. They love it because they could live outside but its better indoors.

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crystal - 2005-01-29
Bubble-eyed fish are adorable, easy to take care of, and fun! They are entertaining for people of all ages and especially funny for kids. A great fish for teens.

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Sarah - 2005-01-29
My name is Sarah and my hamster Waffles died on the weekend and i thought this might be a nice way to remember her by. I am sort of upset because i have had to get another hamster so soon after Waffles, i am in gr. 6 and Waffles was my science fair project. I was going to see if she could find her way through a maze me and my dad were going to make. I really miss her and me and my family will never forget her. :(

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NATE - 2005-01-28
My Bunny is the BEST!!!! She is so sweet! She runs right up to anyone who opens her cage. Unless you try to take her out:). That is the best thing about Mini Rex. They are so FRIENDLY!

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chuck collins - 2005-01-28
My soon to be 6 year old female Scarlet is a joy and wonder to be with. She is out of her nippy stage, a firm look and time broke her of this. Biting/nipping is NOT allowed ever. I can handle her at all times and she loves it. BUT she will not go to other people. she is around lots of people but is not inclined to step up for anyone.
She is a great talker with a large list of spokem words like "time to go nighty night" when the sun goes down. Regards to all from Chilli and chuck


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