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Mikali - 2005-01-08
My sugar gliders are the best ones in the world, although one of them bites just a little bit when we are feeding him. they just had two little baby boys and i am naming them Spongebob and i think i will name the other one either Taz or Squishy. Well they are the best of pets and are easy to take care of. Most of the time I am at school or at my mothers house, and it is still very easy to care for them. So if there is anyone out there that is interested in buying one or two, i say go for it, but make sure you have the proper knowledge about them first!!!

Mikali (mi-kay-lee)

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jen - 2005-01-08
MY mouse used to be frightened everytime someone passed the cage. It was really sad how he would cower in the corner. When handled, he peed all over us. Being a male, he really stank.
One day he escaped his cage. Over 2 1/2 months, he ran throughout the house, showing up in doorways to see us and crawling along the back of the couch. It was kind of funny. I left no food or water out so I have no idea what he survived on or where he lived. He did however, chew through a bag of flour. We had humane traps everywhere but he was never fooled.
Early one morning at 4a.m. I woke up hearing him scurring around my bedroom. I turned on my light to find him in my garbage pail. He was trapped!!!
I put him in an escape proof area till morning. I bought a huge aquarium at a garage sale that week.
Since the escape and 2 1/2 months of surviving on his own, my mouse is quite the social little guy. He jumps into my hands and runs around my shoulders when I clean out his home. He gets especially excited when I fill his food bowl. He seems to really appreciate the regular meals. At Christmas he had turky, a pea and some potatoes. He also gets quite excited when I give him new toys to play with.

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Natalie - 2005-01-07
i have a 6 mth old male named tiko. i love him to death. he has a thing with growling which is amazing cause he does it when he cant do something, or we walk past him without saying hello, or if we walk away from him. very bright bird.

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Anonymous - 2005-01-07
I love Guinea pigs. They r so cute .My class has a pet guinea pig to. He is a long haired. Mine is a short haired. Ya so get 1 they r so cute.

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Jennifer.M.S - 2005-01-07
I got my first betta a couple of months ago, and for christmas i got a tank with a divider. Yesterday I got another betta. He is a beautiful, blue with red bits on his fins. I called him Whinfred. I like watching them flare at each other. Bettas are a really good fish and if you want a fish get a betta.

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Darwin W. McMillen - 2005-01-07
My wife and I have observed a small flock of Spice mannikin Finches in our yard in northern Orange County, Fullerton, California. This the second year they have passed through here. We assume they are passing through because we did not see them all year.
Darwin & Ann McMillen

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ben mclaughlin, new zealand - 2005-01-06
I have a white New Zealand and it is very charismatic. being quite a large rabbit now, he has outgrown the bottom of the bird aviary and is now free to roam an enclosed section with our two dogs. they get along quite well.

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ben mclaughlin - 2005-01-06
i have two little gdoe dutch rabbits, one agouti colored and one white with brown ears feet and tail. they may be small but their appetite is huge. i feed them willow prunings as they love to strip the bark and it is good for their teeth. i have a little black and white buck arriving soon so that i can start breeding. mine(unlike the other rabbits in the comments)do not eat bananas, their favourite snack is rock melon and red capsicums (or bell peppers for you americans). i must alternate between keeping them inside for the harsh new zealand winter and outside for the temperate summer. my favourite thing about them is watching them sleep sprawled out in a heap in the sun with my new zealand rabbit doe

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Georgina Davis, solihull - 2005-01-06
hiya my names georgina and I have a female russian hamster. im not sure what to call her yet so im still thinking, but ill tell you another time. she is really sweet and loves to run in her wheel. i got her on new years eve because when my rabbit died at the age of 9. i was really upset and then my mum let me get a hamster. if youre reading this and havent gotten a hamster, i recommend that you get one as long as you are allowed. they are lovely pets and are usually easy to look after. thankyou for reading this.

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john - 2005-01-06
I just got my first larger size aquarium, ten gallons, and I put a Red tail shark, a guppie, and two black skirt tetras into the tank. After my shark decided to commit suicide, there was a small opening near the filter he jumped out of (oops!), I went and got a Blue Gourami and a plecko. At first everything was fine and dandy but then I came home one day and the Gourami had killed the two tetras. The guppie seems to be ok though. I think its best to keep the Gouramis away from the little guys.


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