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morgan robles - 2005-02-15
silver martin rabbits are the best breed out of 45

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unknown - 2005-02-14
i love my baby bunny. he is two years old. he lives inside. i am doing a school report about him.

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That Fish Guy - 2005-02-14
I just recently got my first Silver Arowana. He is about 8 inches long. Despite what everyone thinks, i have learned that he can live quite nicely in a 75 gallon tank with some African and South American Cichlids. They are just a bit big for him to eat and they are staying away from each other well.T he Arowana was fed crickets for a month before i got him. It wasnt very hard to switch him to frozen foods, however he likes about 10 crickets a day with a bit of frozen food. The Cichlids wont touch the crickets but they love the frozen stuff, so that has been the only problem. Feed the Cichlids some Bio-life pellets while feeding him on the other side with frozen and a cricket or two for dessert.

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catherine - 2005-02-14
i got a mini lob named tushy about 3 months ago and i cant imagine life without him. i had a dwarf rabbit a number of years ago and she tended to keep to herself alot more than my mini lop. its seems to me that my mini lop actually enjoys spending time with me. if i am laying on the floor he will hop up next to my head and place his nose under mine and just lay there with me until i move. he really loves being affectionate and has never even considered biting. if you are a first time owner i would suggest to get a mini lop.

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michelle - 2005-02-14
I have had my Leporinus now for about one month and have lost several fish since I have had them. I have lost one Gourami, one Gobie, two Bull sharks, two cory cats, and one cherry barb. I do not believe anybody when they say they are not aggressive. The two I have are aggressive. I love to watch them though. I will definately keep them, but try different things with them to see if I can calm them a little with other fish.

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eablondon - 2005-02-14
I love guinea pigs. my best friend has two pinky and punky and they are both babies, so when she is away i take care of them!

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Kara - 2005-02-14
I have a hamster named Emily (and other rodents).
I was reading some comments and saw one where a person was thinking of releasing their hamster into the wild. Im not trying to be mean, but you should NEVER release a hamster (or most animals that have been raised in captivity for that matter)into the wild. It will not know how to defend itself, find food, or basically it will not survive. If you can no longer keep your hamster, find a friend, pet shop, or breeder who will be willing to keep your hamster.

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Kady-2-14-05 - 2005-02-14
I have a cockatoo and he is very "attention wanting" Most people say that they are sweet kind natured birds but my cockatoo IS NOT!! Unless you hold him every second of the day he can get very grumpy and bite. He definitly has an attitude. The chewing part is correct, my bird has got to be immortal, he has eaten everything in the book that will kill a bird and hes still living. He has gotten a hold of cigerettes, plant fertilizer, permenent markers, elecrtrical wires, you name hes eaten it. He also has a very strange behavioral problem, he hates men, he will only go to women. When we first had him he loved my father to death and wouldnt let anyone touch him. It lasted all of about a week. He also likes trying to climb the lamp and he likes licking the light bulb when its like really hot, is this strange?

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Ruth - 2005-02-14
Chinchillia are great pets, but only if you know what you can and can not do with one. They need a special diet and weekly dust baths. They need lots of room, so for a cage plan on lots of space. I have had my chinchilla for over 4 years, & I love it very much. If I had I known everything I know now, I might have thought harder. They also live for 15 + years. They are a great animal to have but understand that they require care.

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damnator18 - 2005-02-13
I just set up a 55 gal community tank with 3 opaline gouramis, 3 rosy barbs, 4 serpae tetras, 7 zebra danios, 4 leopard corydoras, and 2 clown plecos. I started with 2 gouramis but the one was very agressive with the other, though not to the other species. I added 1 more and everything is great now. They definitely are cool fish.


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