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Jill - 2005-02-17
I have had corys for over two years now and have just recently added two to my tank, they are such lively little fish. I really enjoy having them in my tank, and agree that they are very hardy and would make great first fish, excellent cleaners and very fun to watch, they are really energetic, not to mention their cute little winks!

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Jose Peralta - 2005-02-17
I am from Lima Peru, have 6 goldfish ryukin, one of them is a female calico, very beautiful of 8 cms of body and is hunchbacked well. I wait to reproduce her to share the babies with other fans.
Thank you

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Kim - 2005-02-16
I have had my black moor since i was in high school and now i am in 1st year college. It seems like we have grownn up together with friendship. Whenever I feed her, she seems like she smiles at me first and then she eats!

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PyscoFalcon - 2005-02-16
Merlin is my White-eyed conure and I rescued her 2 years ago. At first she was petrified of everything and would bite VERY hard. Now she says Ello Merlin and Ello.
These conures are listed CITES II in our country so there very rare here.

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Cortney - 2005-02-16
I have had my chinchilla for 6 years she is so sweet and would never harm anything or anyone. i would recommend this animal to anyone. I love my chinchilla!

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Anonymous - 2005-02-16
I Have two Holland Lops and both are just angels!!!! They run around in circles when we come up to their cage, it is soooo cute!!!

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Leslie - 2005-02-16
Fellow Bird Fanciers,
I love my little Jo Bird. She is a 7 yr old Sun Conure. She can say about 15-20 words and make several sounds. She is on the top of the literal "pecking order" around our house. She has her bluff in on husband, kids, dogs and the cat...They make wide circles around her cage. She loves to show off and attention. She is an excellent doorbell, telephone and alarm clock. I never have to worry about any one sneaking up on me. She is a watch bird. If you are considering a conure as a pet- bear in mind they can be very LOUD! Patience and ability to endure screaming bouts are a must but well worth it in entertainment and returned affection.
Sunny in Texas

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BRITTANY - 2005-02-16
you site is the awesome. it has such cute animals like the rabbits and guinea pigs. they are so adorable i wish i could get one. I really like the netherland dwarf

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Paul D. Swanson - 2005-02-15
My Texans just spawned and both are protective parents. Both parents have scooped up the wigglers now and have deposited them in a central location where they hover and fight off all comers. It looks like they are eating the fry but they are simply relocating them. Those helpless wigglers are being eyed by all and sundry. But the brave parents will not let anyone close.

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Tonya Sonntog - 2005-02-15
We love our mini lop Jake. He is two years old and he lives in the house with us. He is litter trained and loves to ride in the car and walk on a leash. He thinks he is a dog. His best friend other than me (his mom) is our cairn terrier Kirby.


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