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Cher - 2005-02-19
I just got a fantial and a blackmoor. The Fantail is white i named her Pearl. The blackmoor is oscar. I think they are wonderful. She is always swimmimg to the top to drink alot of water. oscar on the other hand is always eating from the bottom and loves to explore its living quaters.

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Dan - 2005-02-19
This profile finally gives these wonderful fish justice. It should be pointed out that there are several species of banjo cats, but a great profile nonetheless. I have kept several of the banjo cat species, which vary greatly in body shape and color. A great and hardy fish, I would recommend these fish to just about anyone looking to "spice up" a tank.

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Vessa - 2005-02-19
We recently bought a bloody parrot fish. After extensive research and talking with numerous people, we put ours in my nonagressive tank with a lower PH and fish which include discus, silver dollars, severums, tetras, cory cats, and a few swords. Since we put the parrot fish in with these others I have noticed that it seems much happier and very comfortable with his or her new tank mates. What a beautiful addition...

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Ramon - 2005-02-19
I added one of these guys to help start my tank and became so fond of him, that I added a female as well. They are by far the most entertaining fish I have. They zipp around the tank from one cave to another finding even the smallest crevice in my live rock to squeeze into. They are far the most enjoyable damsel you can buy.

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Ramon - 2005-02-19
In the course of three weeks, this fish double in size. He is one of my favorite Damsels but spends most of his time eating. That being said, he has outgrown the rest of his tank mates yet exhibits little to no aggression to other fish.

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David Young - 2005-02-18
I have read in several places on this site that two male guinea pigs WILL fight. This is definitely not necessarily true. It depends on the personality of the guinea pig. I have found time and time again and so many instances where two males get along very well. Also, on numerous sites it states that they have been able to keep two male guinea pigs together quite well with so many cases.

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Mary - 2005-02-18
Hi everyone! I am the proud owner of two dwarf hamsters. They are both extremely special to my ever growing family of pets. Their names are Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan (Sully). Sully is very unique in that he was born without a front left leg. He gets around great though and can do almost everything any other hamster can do. Mike Wazowski is an avid wheel runner and can go for hours on end. I had to buy him a race track to run in his ball in so I could keep track of him in the house! I have had other breeds of hamsters before, and none of them have compared to the fun that these two guys bring!

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Nicole Endres - 2005-02-18
Of my four parakeets, Paradise is my favorite. He has bright green feathers and a dark blue tail tip. Princess is Paradises new girlfriend. She has very light green/ light yellow wing feathers. She is very beautiful. I got 2 other birds. One is a blue grey all over and I named him Glory. The other is a white and blue making him look like the sky and I named him Rapid Storm. I love all my parakeets and mow I am looking foward to holding my aunts amazon. His name is Tweety and he is crazy in love with me. I never wanted to pick him up before but now I really want to.

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Anonymous - 2005-02-17
my sister and i just got a netherland and he is just great! he really loves be held. we absolutely adore him. i strongly recommend a netherland dwarf to anyone young or old!

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Jill - 2005-02-17
I have had corys for over two years now and have just recently added two to my tank, they are such lively little fish. I really enjoy having them in my tank, and agree that they are very hardy and would make great first fish, excellent cleaners and very fun to watch, they are really energetic, not to mention their cute little winks!


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