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Monica - 2005-01-28
My boyfriend and I have a white and blonde Teddy Bear hamster named Baby Puff. He is our little baby, and the most special baby in the whole world! He loves to be cuddled, and sometimes even snuggles up next to us or falls asleep in bed with us. Sometimes he likes to play by swinging from our hands on his little hands and feet, or by sliding down our arms like a slide. Afterwards, he gets very tired from all the exercise and sleeps on his back like a puppy. We have trained him to follow our finger when we call him. His other favorite thing to do is exploring. We love our baby so very much and in turn he is extremely loving. He can always make you feel better just by cuddling in your hand.

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nicole - 2005-01-27
i love my netherland dwarf bunnnies!! they are soo cute and a great pet for small children!!

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Anonymous - 2005-01-27
Im not exactly good with plants yet but i have had no problem raising this plant. They are not at all picky and will grow very fast in most conditions, and can easily grow 2, 3, or 4 times the length of your tank

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chris howard - 2005-01-27
thanks for the info from all who have posted. I have recently bought my chocolate catfish and thought that it was poorly because of its bizarre patterns. There have been a number of times I thought it was dead! I worried that it didn`t seem to eat too well but you have allied my fears. I hope mine will last as long as some of the stories ive read

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Raveena Sangha - 2005-01-27
I have a black and white bunny. I think she is 2 years old and she is sooo cute even though she bites a little. She is a dutch and my other rabbit is a dwarf rabbit. he is black and white and 7 months old and doesnt bite. I love them both!!!

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Sharon - 2005-01-27
These little guys are the greatest. I have an assortment of them...2 red flame, 2 neon blues and 2 blues in a 55gal. community tanka, And then two 3 spots in a 10 gal. they all come and eat the frozen bloodworms and tubifex from my hand when I feed. I love them and they are very friendly.

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Rickie - 2005-01-27
I have 5 of these fish. I adore them as they are wonderful to watch, however they are gluttons. they are extremely lively and very very territorial and they do not get along with other fish well at all. In 2 months they have consumed 1 Angel fish, 1 Gourami, 1 upside down catfish and yesterday I caught one with the tail of a sucking catfish hanging out of its mouth. So peaceful stikes me as amusing, I would not recommend them for community tanks at all. I feed them well twice daily.

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Kevin - 2005-01-26
It is 26 January 2005. I purchased two lace catfish in April 2004. They were about 1.5 inches from tip of head to tip of tail when I purchased them. they are now about 4.0 inches now! They are fed various food; wafers, flake, chiclids pellets, live earthworms, chicken, etc. They seem to be nocturnal; I do not see them often during the day. They prefer to stay under the driftwood or in the lace rock caves. They are very strong and fast swimmers. I had them in a 46 gallon tank with Cichlids and botia until last night. I moved them to a 40 gallon tank with Angle fish, neon tetras and cory cats. My cichlids had babies and I am afraid that they might be eaten.

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leah webber - 2005-01-26
hi i love hearing that other people love guineas. i own 10 at the moment but we have babies on the way and im so excited. those baby pictures are so cute. guinea pigs rule and theres no question about it. lv leah :)

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Doug Witmer - 2005-01-26
My dad raises goldfish and they are cool!


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