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mara - 2005-02-23
baby mice are sooo cute!!! if u get them too young they wont last more than a week tho. if they have fur, theyll probably survive, if not, probably not. but if u do get a baby mouse, mix some whipped cream that doesnt have sugar in it with milk and warm it up to feed it. if u have the money, kitten formula works good too! ive already had 6 baby mice. only one had fur. and as far as i know, hes still alive!

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rae - 2005-02-23
hi my name is rae! I got 2 teddy bear hamsters 1 year ago. About 2 months ago my little brother left one of my hamsters cage open (when I was at school) and we have not seen him since.I still have one hamster named Twitch. He is the best and the most cuddly.I am getting a new hamster or two pretty soon and I want to breed them. Thats why I was reading this page and decided to tell you my story.

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thedominant1 - 2005-02-23
Its best to get them when there babys because they get used to you quicker and they will adapt faster.

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Russell Hall - 2005-02-23
I just got a black moor yesterday and he only has one eye. Its kinda sad but I named him squintz and hes great. He always swims into things on his blind side though

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Claire Fohun - 2005-02-23
I love rats!! They are so nice. There as soft as puppies.

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bob - 2005-02-23
i have one of these comical fish he is over 26" and no problem with small fish even tetra. i have had him over 20 years and he was 12" when i got him. he loves lettuce, cucumber, grapes, etc, etc, and will eat whole prawn in the shell. he loves attacking you but it is all show. they are soft and very inteligent. i tried to put him in a large pool in my conservatory, he did not settle so moved him back into his tank. his name his derek although he is a she. would not recommend for beginners to keep them due to size and very long life.

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mary barron - 2005-02-23
I just got my first senegal Parrot yesterday and he is very loving.

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PAUL WILLIAMS - 2005-02-23
my name is paul wiiliams and my fantail is posiedon. yes i know its rather odd to name a fish however, posiedon is very special to me as he has helped me become very relaxed when needed most. see, i have heart problems and posiedon knows this,for, somehow, he swims very near to the glass whenever i have had a heart attack and only when i have one. otherwise he mainly stays near to the back. it is possible for a fish and his or her owner to communicate through some weird sense.

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dragon master - 2005-02-22
i think that the fish is very beautful... thay are also my favorite because of there snake skin, how its a beautiful glossy silver.

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Karen - 2005-02-22
I have had a Netherland Dwarf for almost two years. In my opinion, they are the best type of show rabbit. I have won 3 Best of Show awards at shows all across Wyoming. Netherlands are especially good for beginners who are just starting out. They are also the easiest to take care of. I now have four Netherlands (Curtis, Kupa, Hershey, and Spot) and I would never sell or trade them for another breed. I think they are the coolest little fuzzballs in the world.


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