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ROSIE - 2005-01-23
I have 3 Shubunkins- Bijou, Draca and Kaia.I love them to bits!

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allan wadsworth - 2005-01-23
We have kept Phantoms many times. They are easy going interesting fish. almost playfull. Our small 9 gallon tank has been fine for them until recently. We added 6 tiger barbs and 2 weeks later 6 neon tetras making 21 fish including the 6 phantoms (we refresh 2 gallons of RO water every week). The Phantoms have now become rather shy hidding at the back behind some wood and grass.

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Nicole suarez - 2005-01-23
Polly my blue parakeet is the cute social bird

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steph - 2005-01-23
I as a charter breeder of netherland dwarfs would like to inform you that the picture that you have listed as a netherland dwarf is either a cull rabbit (unshowable), or not a netherland dwarf. Dwarfs ears are very very short, they have compact bodies, a round head and a flat nose.

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Oscar Torres - 2005-01-23
Hi i have 15 tinfoils for about 4 years. Its really cool to see them in my 95 gallon tank. They enjoy chopped liver,which isnt expensive at all. None of my tinfoils have ever died.I recommend that people should get these fish. They arent hard to take care of.

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nicole - 2005-01-23
Stitch, my Holland lop,loves to sleep with me and to hop.

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kellyanne - 2005-01-22
they are so smart! They know their master too.

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laura webb - 2005-01-22
i am 13 and just got a mini lop for my birthday. they are so easy to house train and are really good if you have children who want a rabbit they can play with. if you only have one you will need to give it more attention than if you have 2. if you get two and dont want to breed them, get girls as boys can fight. these bunnies are the best
love laura xxx

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Niki Jan.22,05 - 2005-01-22
Have had Dorothy for 3 years and presume she is getting close to her full growth. Sure hope so as she is now on her second aquarium and will go into a 5 gallon tank soon. She ? acts like all the ones written about and does give me a chuckle. Her aquarium sits next to my stove on the counter, so she is the first thing I get to interact with in the a.m. with coffee.

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Lexi - 2005-01-21
The Dutch Rabbit is a good rabbit for small children. But only if you have never had them bred. When you do breed a female they tend to get vicious and short tempered. A male if bred often will remain sweet. If not bred often they tend to get violent. All around if kept alone in seperate cages they can be a perfect 4-H and all around great experience and pet for children.


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