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kay conner - 2005-02-05
our harlequin is 8 1/2 years old. his name is Baby and he is the ruler of our roost. he is the one that keeps our other birds in line.
it has been a long time joke that if it came down to my Baby or my husband that my husband had best pack his bags. these are the most wonderful of all species. everybody should have the opportunity in life to be loved as these birds can love you.

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Anonymous - 2005-02-05
I bought one of these Raphael. There is no doubt that he loves cover/coves. Mine does not ever eat. it is in a tank with a pictus and they get along great. this fish is very interesting

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Joanna - 2005-02-05
Our butterfly fish has been here for about a week, after reading that they like crickets we took one upstairs and threw it in, (we have crickets in all the time for the chamelions) He loved it, even eating up all the legs afterwards. He is a beautifull fish and i hope he gets on well with my giant plecs, chiclids, ropefish and carp!

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Denise - 2005-02-05
Just got our lipstick tang today for our reef system, keeping fingers crossed..we have 2 "nemo clowns" 3 chromos, and a yellow tang. Also some peppermint shrimp, snails, small crabs, and corals. Tank has been up and running since November, and is a 70 gallon tank. Also have about 130 pounds of live rock in there. New at this, but also found that I prefer to take about 8 gallons out a week and add back + 2 of fresh for evaporation. Think more often and less works better. Our tang started grazing the minute let him (or her) loose. We have quite a bit of green and red alge growing in there. Good Luck to all, and to me too, will write back and let know how made out.

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AMO2 - 2005-02-04
Netherland dwarfs are the best animals you could ever have! They can be sweet and funny. We have 1 and she is the best rabbit we have ever had.

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Anonymous - 2005-02-04
I loved my ferret so very much. She was the best pet I ever had! They are so much fun and they are so cute and silly. The only bad thing about them is that they are very prone to cancer so you should consider that before deciding to get one.

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Brittnee - 2005-02-04
My fiance bought me a mini-rex for my birthday recently and I am so happy! He is a calico, so I named him Spec because of the black specs on his back. He is absolutely adorable. I have not had him long but he is SPOILED ROTTEN already. If I let him out of his cage without having a carrot waiting for him, he bites me. He is such a little brat. He picks the pellets out of his food and piles them up. He eats the rest of the food and will not even touch the pellets. I have actually cought him going to the bathroom on them. Apparently he does not think they are good enough for him. He is still my favorite pet though!

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pooh - 2005-02-03
gold fish are so pretty i love them

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Diana - 2005-02-03
I saw this site and just had to put in a good word for my dearly departed hamster family members. I had never had a hamster before and was very scared to get one. I was afraid that I would not be able to get attached. That all changed the day I brought my little Siggy, Fluffermunchkin home. I fell in love with him instantly and although my parents were angry I got him (I was 18 at the time) they too fell in love with him. I spoiled him rotten and one year later I fell in love with a fat and fluffy dwarf that I saw in a pet store. I brought her home and she resided in a posh house next to Siggy. I named her Shredder because of her aptitude for shredding TP, TP rolls, wood sticks etc. Both of them lived 2 years and a bit each and filled our lives with Joy. After a three month grieving period (for shredder) my family and I decided it was time to add new family members to our family and so we went out together and picked out two brothers from a litter at petsmart. Rocky and Strawberry (for his beautiful red eyes)are spoiled as ever and I know that they are really happy that my family had the opportunity to know Siggy and Shredder :) God bless the hamsters we all love!

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Chris ferrante - 2005-02-03
I have preivously posted a comment on the site, in my last message I had the 2 albino tiger barbs and 1 tiger barb in the same tank as my gourami. they never nipped at it until i added a green tiger barb. Since the day i got him, my gourami has been nipped and nipped, he recently lost his left fin. You must have at least 8 of any tiger barb if you want a safe peacefull aqauarium.


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