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Cassidy Jones - 2004-10-22
I have had up to 30 Comet goldfish at a time, and I love them! Contrary to popular belief, they live longer than a week. Ive had my feeder comets for a year, and they are still going strong! I do not believe they are a good beginner fish, because they require a lot of cleaning. they have fast metabolisms, so they are constantly eating and extricating. I have two undergravel filters and one power filter in my ten gallon tank, and that seems to be the minimum to keep the water clear for two weeks. Then I do a partial water change. There are currently ten small comets and shubun comets in there. I do not believe in keeping them in "goldfish bowls" either, unless you are willing to clean them out every other day! That would be hard on the fish, so I dont suggest it. Those of you who keep healthy goldfish, enjoy!

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Julie - 2004-10-21
Awww... I just got a hamster for my birthday from my friend *Benz!!* hes so cute... although im not sure wat kind he is..they are very adorable but i am still afraid to pick him
He loves carrots and im gunna start trying him out on different food sometime soon... YOU SHOULD GET A HAMSTER!! THEY ROCK!

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Isabelle Cloutier - 2004-10-21
We received our white face in september, but we bought it in jully. he was too kiddy! we love him a lot. he is so funny. i always have him on my shoulder. he learned some funny song that i show to him. i really dont regret anything about my little Ozzy! that is his name. i have a budgie name Zeppelin and a cockatiel name Ozzy! and i think they will be a good team! my budgie is 4 years old and Ozzy was born the 5 june 2004.

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Cindy B. - 2004-10-20
I own 2 beautiful Budgerigars A.K.A "Budgies."They make wonderful pets and are very... BEAUTIFUL

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Amy Thompson - 2004-10-20
I have a green african ringneck named Buddy. She is a rascal. She loves men and me of course. She loves to play with pop bottles on the floor. She joustes with them and pushes them all over the floor. What a scamp. She meows like a cat and loves to play games. I am so glad I rescued her. We are going to be great pals.
Amy 2004-10-20

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jason, 10 - 2004-10-20
I had a betta fish, he lived for 2 years in a small tank then, i trained it to jump. And I bred them. My male is red and the female is blue. the babies are blue, red, and mud color. i fed them frozen brine shrimp

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abbie - 2004-10-19
I love my mini-lop bunny soo much! his name is simon and i just got him a couple days ago. im having a bit of trouble training him but i think in the end he will learn and be just great! i recomend a mini-lop bunny to anyone, they are so sweet and lovable, and hey even get along good with other pets.

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Alliswhat4 - 2004-10-19
Hi, i have a pair of yellow collared macaws. neiko and zoozoo. still young but cant wait til they produce babies. she has laid eggs, but nothing fertile yet. i think they are still pretty young. but they both are clowns and love me to pieces. i recommend them for first time parrot buyers too. they were my first macaws i bought. now i have a harlequin macaw. i also own an african grey female, quaker female. altogether, i have 5 birds and i love them all and all of them are spoiled!!! how can we not spoil them? when we have lovable birds like i have, we just cannot resist!!!

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Jennifer Topp - 2004-10-19
I got my Holland Lops from my stepmoms friend and I love him very much.

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Alliswhat4 - 2004-10-19
Hello, i have a Harlequin Macaw female Terra. she is a dream come true for me. i always wanted a full-sized macaw. she is 19 months old, and very lovable!!! she is so precious to me and my boyfriend. she has a good vocabulary, very demanding too. she eats all kinds of foods i make plus her treats etc. she is also around 4 other parrots that we have. she does scream alot when i walk by her cage. she spends all of her time with me. or on top of her cage playing. she is a big clown too. we got her from previous owners who could not keep her anymore. they didnt have the time to spend with her. i do. we love her to pieces. she comes looking for me anytime she wants me or screams for my attention. she is so spoiled, lol!!! and by the way, she looks exactly like the Catalina Macaw. she is a gorgeous bird!!!


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