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Petar - 2005-03-03
Just like to add that these fish are not limited to South Australia. I have been snorkeling on the NSW coast and frequently encounter an old wife. The other posters statement is true, they are very timid and every time i see them while snorkeling they seem to hide/hang around weedbeds

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Debra - 2005-03-03
I take care of 3 NZW rabbits at my work, and I can not wait until I live in a place that I can take one home with me. They have such a sweet and charming personality and can be comical too. I love that they are so gentle and love all the attention they can get. Thank you for making a website about how beautiful and sweet these large rabbits are!

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Charlie Stuart - 2005-03-03
Felicia is her name..... seven years since she came into our lives as a half feathered chick. I hand fed her 3 times a day for three months.....(she demanded it) She has every mood I do from silly to leave me alone. We understand each other. I have had a dog and a cat, but Greys are closer to humans.... and yes maybe it is just because they can talk, but for me there is more. She is the Perennial 5 year old human child. She is not a pet... she is my friend

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Rob - 2005-03-03
i have had my tang for about 6 months he is my favorite fish next to my mandarin fish. they are with a sebae clown, 2 yellow tail damsels, a neon goby, and a flame angel. they are in a 75 gallon tank and all get along fine. got lucky, found him in a corner at petco for 42.99 plus 10%off. he was 3 1/2" and is now about 6". every one should own one

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James - 2005-03-02

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Barbara - 2005-03-02
Hornwort is a very attractive plant, which groups nicely. It grows readily, even under mildly unstable conditions (Dont use that as an excuse to abuse it). My only warning is dont place this in smaller tanks, because the spine-like leaves constantly fall off of the bottom stems, and grow on the top. The leaves float so are easily removed, but can clump up and slowly rot.

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unknown - 2005-03-02
I have been breeding Holland Lops for some time now, and I think that they are one of the nicest types of rabbits to get. I have got six of them right now, two of them that are going to have babies soon, and they are just too sweet!

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Ronny - 2005-03-02
Your site is very nice, compliments!

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Bud Good - 2005-03-02
these puffers can be kept in freshwater for a reason but is not recommended as these fish are born in freshwater rivers up stream from the ocean and as it grows will gradually move into brackish then finally full out salt water. they are often sold as freshwater or brackish water fish but do not have great success in freshwater tanks best to gradually acclimate them to a marine tank using the drip method

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Tomas - 2005-03-01
I have had my pleco for over 7 years. I enjoy watching him fly thru the tank and raise his huge dorsal fin. He is about 8" in length in my 29g aquarium. I would love to upgrade to a bigger aquarium for him but I am limited for space. People are always amazed at how big he is, they are kind of spooked but always ask questions. He loves to eat Romaine lettuce that I sink on a rock tied with a rubberband.


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