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Mark Tovey - 2005-03-05
A very nice fish, that soon gets to know its owner and eats out of your hand. A very peaceful fish.

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Anonymous - 2005-03-05
I had a silver Bala Shark and it only lived for 5 months. One thing you want to know is if it moves strangly, that is how it moves. The Bala Shark does not do good with snails. The Bala Shark will fight the snail or snails. The snail sometimes falls off the side of the tank and might fall on the shark and kill it after several minutes.

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renee - 2005-03-04
I have a Sun Conure named Kiwi. She is very tame as well. Unfortunately, she does not talk at all! I wish I could teach her to talk. Kiwi is very affectionate. She loves to give kisses, cuddle under my chin, crawl in my shirt, and nibble my ear. When I laugh she likes to laugh too; that is about the only noise she makes, besides yelling for attention. The funniest thing she does is peep her head around the corner when I am in another room. She is always curious as to where I am in the house.

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Hannah - 2005-03-04
Hello my name it Hannah.
I am going to get a golden hamster for my birthday and I cant wait. I used to have a dwarf hamster but it died last year (2004)...i think it got bit by a spider because it was fine at night and the other day before it died...i made a little grave for it and I hope it is happy where ever it is now. I cant wait though because I love hamsters the are so so so cute lol, I also enjoy reading about everyone elses pets! :)

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Dana Butler - 2005-03-04
I have a black moor that is about 10" long and a ruykin that is about 8" or so a 30 gallon tank....had them in a 10 gallon prior to this with 2 6-7" orandas.....raised them all in the 10 gallon but lost the 2 orandas.

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Andrea - 2005-03-04
I have a mini rex named Spike (for the little white spike shaped mark on his forehead) and he is just adorable...Probably the best pet rabbit breed

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MACKENZIE - 2005-03-03
i got my first two Mollies a week ago. They are WONDERFUL fish. I Highly reccomend Mollies for a community tank. they are very fun to watch. mine love to nip on the plants. I LOVE MOLLIES SO MUCH!


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E.J. - 2005-03-03
hey i just got a bubble eye and i think there awesome to watch and to care for and there a cool fish to have and to enjoy!

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Deedee - 2005-03-03
Got 5 of these guys in a smallish tank just for them, with a mopane bog wood root with a huge java fern stuck to it with a couple other plants up and a sump down full of more plants. The tank has a MILWAUKEE SMS122 pH/CO2 Controller so plants are always lush and the cylinders last forever because of the controllers... but back to these lovely fish... I looked in the tank one day last week and there, sitting pretty as can be is a 6th! A new baby the size of a small neon! I had no idea it had even been there obviously the dense java fern servered it well. Baby and 5 parents all doing great together.

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Deedee - 2005-03-03
I had a pair of Dwarf Powder-Blues and they really were my favorites. They played a little game every day for their supper. I would walk up and say hi and they would come right over to me and blow bubbles at me and generally act adorable under my noise for a few minutes. They seemed very smart and always friendly and they got along together pretty well, although I find most fish get a little cranky as they age. It was so difficult to have these guys reach their life expectancies that I never got Dwarf Powder-Blues again, but I still think of them very fondly and remember them. Great fish, very special.


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