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Brooke - 2005-02-12
Hi! i m brooke and i m 13 years old. i have a rat named Doris and he is very active. i put him into his ball at least 3 times a week. Doris is very social and i recommend a rat to everyone! I also have two mice and a dwarf hamster. I learned not to put the cages of any of the animals right up next to each other. the rat and mice start making hissy noises so dont put them too close together.

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Shelly - 2005-02-12
I recently purchased a peach front conure from a local pet store. We named her "Kiwi". She had her toe amputated about two weeks before I purchased her. She was still the sweetest bird! I could not resist when she cuddled both myself and my 17 yr old son. She is about 2 months old. It only took a couple of weeks before she started to speak. She says: hello, bye-bye, love you, and makes kissing noises when you say kissy-kissy. She loves anyone who will pay her attention! She is a wonderful addition to our family! When she squalks, she is just saying hello or wondering where you are. I just say "here I am" and pop back into the room and she stops. Kiwi likes coffee, too; but I wont let her have any since I read that caffeine is very bad for little bird hearts! Now she gets her next favorite- cranberry juice!

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Bradley Uffner - 2005-02-12
I have 3 of these, and contrary to what is stated above, they are eating my hornwort plants. They do not seem to be bother any of the other types of plants though.

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Chelsea Ratterman - 2005-02-12
I just got a red-capped oranda today and I already love it. The last fish I had was a Betta.

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Ian Ratterman - 2005-02-12
I loved my Betta, but he died a couple of days ago. I cried forever. His name was Sooner, because he was rad and was always so hyper and happy. He lived for two months. He was a Christmas present from my B.F.F

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Sarah - 2005-02-11
I just want everyone out there to be very careful when they choose a toy for their precious Lori. A lot of toys have metal chains which can be a health hazard. Because Lories have a mop like tongue they love the taste of anything-in particular metal. Also be careful with the choice of cage.Some cages are made from cheap metal. Im only speaking from first hand. My Charrlee past away due to my ignorance and lack of education towards his toys. I miss him every day. Like other Lori owners I had to buy another because the house was totally quiet without their beautiful yet cheeky personality. I am now much more aware about these precious lories

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Sarah P. - 2005-02-11
I LOVE guinea pigs, and your sight!

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Kelley - 2005-02-10
Chinchillas are great pets, especially if you have allergies to cats or dogs. But remember, they do require care and have very specific needs. If you give them the care and attention they need, they are amazing animals to have. Soft, fun to watch, and sometimes affectionate too. Not all chinchillas are created equally. Their personalities are as diverse as peoples. Be nice to your chinchillas and eventually, they will be nice to you. Kelley 2005-02-10

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Mike - 2005-02-10
I have 2 sugar glidars that I purchased off of a friend. I dont think that they took very good care of them because they always bit, slept night and day, and didnt want to be taken out. But now they are loving, cool creatures that I spend 2 hours a day with. Their only imperfection is when they go to the washroom everytime you take them out.

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Rachel Dyet - 2005-02-10
My little guys name is Taz A.K.A. "The little ladies man". Sometimes I forget he is a rabbit, he acts more like a kid half the time. He and the little one play tag, chasing each other around. He also loves car rides. I never thought a rabbit could be like him. He is extremly friendly, amazing around kids, and loves to be the center of attention.
The funny little things he does keeps my boyfriend and I laughing all the time. I am so glad I decided to get him. I was away from home shopping and I found him in a pet store. I could not see any bunnies so I asked. She took me to a pen filled with guinea pigs and she lifted a log home and there he was, smaller then the guinea pigs. I picked him up and he took an instant liking to me. Sales lady said she had never seen him take a liking to anyone like that. I could not leave him there.I had never seen one with that coloring and he was so cuddly and soft. So Instead of continuing my shopping trip a made a trip home with my baby boy Taz.


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