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Liam - 2005-03-08
Dwarf Hamsters are the best pets ever for loving caring people!!! I have one that is orange/brown, white and black. He is so cool. It is about 2 months old.

Liam - 2005-03-08
Wow, Dwarf hamsters are the best pets ever! They are so much fun to have with you. GET ONE NOW AT YOUR LOCAL PET STORE because they are adorable pets.

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Anonymous - 2005-03-08
ferrets are pretty cool if you ask me. I got mine 6 months ago and its been pretty nice exept for that certain day of the month when its a down right a grump.

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aro king - 2005-03-08
i have had my arowana for over 5 years now and he is just over 5 feet! he lives in an outdoor aquarium about the size of a douboy pool. it is a very awesome set up. you can see all around the tank because it is all clear water. it is awesome! i love it all! i love my fish and at first it was hard to care for but he grew so fast and become so strong. it cost a lot to care for but i couldnt give him away. i feed him a large rat about every other day. once my house cat accident got too close to the edge of the tank and my aro actually ate him! it was a sad lose but something amazing to watch> I LOVE AROWANAS!

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Alyssa 12 yr old - 2005-03-08
I have a baby lop eared bunny named Gracie, and she is the greatest sweetest little thing in the world. I bath her once a month and take very good care of her feeding her once a day and changing her water once a week. She is black and white which are great colors on a bunny i think. I plan on getting an angora some time soon. Because i have the time and money to care for one.

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Michael Palm - 2005-03-08
I had a Betta fish for a long time and it randomly died... well when I went out to buy a new fish I decided to get a Black Moor. I love him so much! His name is Emilio. This fish is simply awesome.

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renee - 2005-03-08
I have two shubunkins in a 1 gallon tank! I love them! Their names are Raven and Tiger. They are so cute together! I am so happy!

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rexy - 2005-03-07
i want a rex bunnie.

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sulan - 2005-03-07
I bought my first rat at 13 years of age and named her Lace. when she died I waited 19 years to get another. Star came home on the 1 jan 2005. my kids love her so much that they fight to hold her! Then my husband become attached so I bought him a female named Princess. Its amazing how something with a such bad reputation can bring out so much love and protection.

from SU-LAN

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Lindsey Kibler - 2005-03-07
i have a netherland dwarf and she is so adorable. everyday i come home from school and take her out of her cage. we watch tv together, im sure she knows all my favortie shows! i am hoping to breed her with my chocolate buck, but fear complications, and color situations. she pulls out her fur every spring, it is so tempting! she is a beautiful little girl, even my dad adores her.


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