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shelia - 2005-03-09
I have at least 100 jellybean parrot fish and love them. They give me and my husband much pleasure watching as they lay their eggs & watch over them. Then the fry are just a great pleasure to watch grow. We got started with them 1-2 yrs. ago and have never got tired of them yet!

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lulu - 2005-03-09
i think guinea pigs are the best family pet if you have small children in the house. i have a 3 year old who is afraid of dogs but kittys scratch her! the moment we got a guinea pig she loved him! his nickname for her is gigi but his real name is cocoa. he is a dutch and i absolutly love him. i only have one guinea pig so i can avoid fights. however, sometimes cocoa is sad so i just take him for a walk. he is happy whenever he has food anyway, so why spend money on another guinea pig!? in conclusion, i think if you have small children in the house but you want to get a pet.... a guinea pig is a smart move.

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Jamie - 2005-03-08
I have a Sun Conure named Mally, he is not the nicest bird. He attacks people if he is out when they walk in, but he is very good to me and my boyfriend. Mally was given to me and I think that those people were not very nice to him. He wont let me clip his toes or wings and does not like to be rubbed under his wings. I am guessing he is about 2 in a half years. old the lady who gave him up in August of 2003 said he was about a year old. Mally wont eat fruit or vegies. he doesnt like many toys only his wooden ones with bells. no one who comes over is mean to him, I wouldnt put up with it. he is my baby so I dont understand why he attacks people. He also trys to attack my cat. its kinda funny to see him flap his wings at the cat and get mad at her. he gets lots of attention I just dont understand Mally. He is my first bird. My parents have a blue and gold macaw and he just turned 1. he is so cool and friendly. I wish My Mally was nicer and talked. he wont talk for nothing. he is always free to go in or out of his cage when people aint over and the cat is outside. he loves to walk with me on the treadmill and do dishes and lay in bed and watch TV.

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Felicia Dutruch - 2005-03-08
I have a blue mini rex. Her name is Baby.
She is so funny and brings my family lots of joy.
Baby is five months old and loves our 6 yr. old dog shado.
If your looking for a pet, bunnies are fun, easy, and very loving pets.
Felicia, Bush, LA

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john - 2005-03-08
Hey,just want to let you know that your website is really great!!!
I really learned a lot. The information for each subject is very comprehensive and I like, I have learned more about the specific fish I just researched...Thanks.God Bless to everyone who has made this website a success..:)

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CJ Clapp - 2005-03-08
I have 2 rabbits. One is a giant angora and one is a mini loped eared. They are so cute. The angora is a huge responsibility because of the brushing and all the maintenence. I am only 12 years old so it can get kind of annoying. But in the end they r both great breeds and have really nice temperments.

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Laura - 2005-03-08
I have a lop eared rabbit named Snuggles and she is the cutest thing EVER!! She is really sweet and will give you kisses. Mini lops RULE!!!

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Liam - 2005-03-08
Dwarf Hamsters are the best pets ever for loving caring people!!! I have one that is orange/brown, white and black. He is so cool. It is about 2 months old.

Liam - 2005-03-08
Wow, Dwarf hamsters are the best pets ever! They are so much fun to have with you. GET ONE NOW AT YOUR LOCAL PET STORE because they are adorable pets.

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Anonymous - 2005-03-08
ferrets are pretty cool if you ask me. I got mine 6 months ago and its been pretty nice exept for that certain day of the month when its a down right a grump.


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