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moises mesias - 2005-03-12
I have recently welcomed into our home deardrie, our white and black speckled mini lop rabbit. she is so good around the house. she knows how to entertain us very much with love and running around for 10 minutes. she is very well loved by our children and guinea pig allen.

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chris - 2005-03-11
You gave an answer to a problem that might have gotten bad if we hadnt treated it right. Thank you SO MUCH!

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Tasha - 2005-03-11
i bought 2 guineas on the 7th of jan . 2 females called Didi and Smudgy.... yesterday i heard alot of noises from the cage and discovered that Didi had 3 babies i was in shock cos i thought she just was getting very fat ! i feel very proud !! and yes they are both females ...

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eric - 2005-03-11
I love my little guy. He is a wonderful pet very loving and a clown in his cage. He loves to sit on your finger and listen intently to every word you say. He says a few words but he is only ten months old so I consider him a good talker. If you want a plum head make sure you have plenty of time for them because the more you handle and play with them the sweeter they become.

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Antonio - 2005-03-11
This site is very fun! Compliments my friend

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John + Lau - 2005-03-10
we recently bought two pet mice, little did we know that infact they werent two little boys, but one was a girl, after we soon discovered two little pinkies wobbling around the nest!
unfortunately some how the two babies disappeared :(
but the two mice were at it again last night, so theyre soon to be replaced, woo!

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Kendra - 2005-03-10
Dutch rabbits are very cute i have 2 of them my self and the girl (Daisy) is going to have baby rabbits and i think a dutch rabbit is a great pet to have.

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vicki coleman - 2005-03-10
My name is Vicki and I love my rats. They are very sweet and love to be held and kissed.

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Dale Howard - 2005-03-10
My parrot fish have had layed eggs about 4 days ago ang just this morning were hatching. My parrot fish are a beautiful sky blue color and my female i noticed was a bright yellow at the chest when it was in heat. Any way after i left for college this morning i came back to find that all the eggs had gone, and had beeen moved to a different part of the tank.

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E - 2005-03-10
Macaws are the coolest birds in the world!!!!!!


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