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Benjamin - 2005-03-28
Hi, My Pygmy Angelfish is two weeks old. She is a very active swimer as well as a good algae eater. She is about 1.5in. long and very healthy. She eats algea, flakes and pellets. I also want to add that this sight is exceptonaly good.

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Angela - 2005-03-27
today i got 2 Black Moor fish for an easter present. my friend Sierra got one and that is when i fell in love with them. i got a girl and a boy. the boy one is my brother`s, he named it Shark-bate. the girl is mine and i named her dory. I LOVE THEM, THEY ARE SO CUTE!

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Hayley - 2005-03-27

Maddie - 2005-03-27
My brother and i got two mini lops at Easter and they are the sweetest cutest little bunnies I have ever seen in my whole life! I recomMend them to everyone with little kids.

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DeBorah - 2005-03-27
We have just purchased two beautiful red cap oranda and named them Jensen and Jason. We are a little nervous about looking after them properly as we are newcomers to keeping fish. However we are keeping our fingers crossed that they survive and grow into strapping lads.

Deborah and Mark

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Jill Horton - 2005-03-27
Serpae tetras are great little fish, and they go well with many types of other fish. Right now, I have five of them, three dwarf gourami, and a synodontis eupterus (a bottom-feeder type of fish) in my thirty-gallon tank. They are doing beautifully, and I plan to add more soon.

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Bri - 2005-03-27
I curently have 5 female fancy mice as pets (Domino, Reeses, Leah-La, Teddy Bear, and Sarabi) they have no odor and i have never been bitten. I would recommend anyone to get a mouse as a pet, all 5 of mine have different personalitys and are fun to watch as they interact with one another!

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Nazma Syed - 2005-03-27
Hi I have a pet rabbit(mini rex). His name is Snuffy and he is a very cute fellow. I love him so much and i will always! He is 5 months old and is the first pet of mine. I hope I am taking good care of him and he feels safe in my hands. He is adorable and can do a lot of tricks like "kissing me" and lots of other ones.I love my pet bunny and i am sure you will too!

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Todd & Elizabeth Cody - 2005-03-27
We have two parakeets, Sunny and Sky. we got these birds from dad, after his mother passed away. we built them a fairly large cage so they could fly around. They seem to be much happier. Before visiting this site we had no idea we could let them out to fly around. We will try that. We thought they may be attempting to mate. we hung branches in their cage and it looked as though they had gathered leaves in a corner of the cage, we are now building them a nest box. We did not know that they could talk, we will try to teach them. Thanks for this website!

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c.Robinson - 2005-03-26
A very good natured pet if you spend time down at his level, not so keen on being picked up, like many rabbits i suppose.Quite a lively personality too.


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