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Amber - 2005-03-15
I just bought a holland lop rabbit and it is so awesome. he is friendly and loves to cuddle. he loves to play with my dog and is very smart! i would recommend this rabbit to anyone who has the time for one

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Gary - 2005-03-15
senegal parrots are so exciting with their cheeky personalities. my lorito is such a nice bird, i would recommend a senegal as your first parrot.

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chriso - 2005-03-15
hamsters are great pets .

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steph - 2005-03-15
I have two Mini Rex rabbits, Acorn and Raven. They are a hoot! They are about 5 months old now and love to play with each other and my husband and me. They are very affectionate animals (especially Acorn) and "kiss" me by nudging me with her nose and licking my hand. Their favorite toys are their chew blocks (they look like baby letter-blocks, but are made to help maintain healthy teeth). When "the girls" as we call them, see us come home from work, they stand on their hind legs, stick their ears straight out, and go crazy until I come over to their play-pen and pick them up. Raven is the courageous one who jumps on and off of everything and Acorn is my snuggle bunny. They really are great pets and are very easy to care for.

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Kayleen SA - 2005-03-15
I have a 17 month old hand reared Mollucan cockatoo who is an absolute sweetie pie, she has the most beautiful wings I have ever seen and thats why named her Angie, short for Angel. Never in my life have I come across a bird as loving as Angie. Angie talks and whistles non stop all day, she says words such as 'Hello Noo-noo, Helloooo my baby and Angie'. She makes alot of mess and chews any thing she can get her beak on, her huge cage is a mission to clean everyday but I dont mind. I am the happiest bird owner in the whole world. I couldnt have asked for a more loving companion!!

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michele - 2005-03-14

I have a turquois kissing gourami named Mellis.
I have had him since I was 12- I am now 24!
He is probably 9-10 inches long!

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Zara - 2005-03-14
I have had a Pangasius cat fish for 2 months now. it was very stressed when in the aquatic shop and I was told not to expect it to live, but as soon as I got it home it immediately up and has gone from strength to strength ever since. It is at present in a community tank with mainly gouramies, 2 angels, rosie barbs, 2 reed fish, a sail fin pleco, and some tetra. I will be moving it to another tank with a couple of the largest of the other fish from my community tank soon, to give it more room to swim and grow. I would recommend a Pangasius to anyone who likes exotic and friendly fish, they are great. I am really glad I rescued it.

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Jenny-Lynn - 2005-03-14
hey i have 4 guinea pigs i had 5 but one died at birth i love my quinea pigs so much!!!

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Ian - 2005-03-14
I have one that is about 5" now. I have a good mix of colorful cichlids in my tank and this is definitely one of my favorites.

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Ian - 2005-03-14
I have 1 jack dempsy, 2 black convicts, 2 jewel cichlids, 1 nicarguense, 1 green terror, 1 geophagus altifrons, and 3 african cichlids in a large tank. My jack is about 7" now, he is exceptionally colorful and is actually one of the least aggressive fish in my tank. He hates when other fish are being aggressive towards each other near him and he will usually chase the aggressor away! He is definitely the boss of the tank.


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