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Nikki - 2005-02-26
Even though they are very loud they are very funny and loving. They are very loyal. Ours thinks he is a watch dog.T hey are very very cute. Dont be alarmed if you wake up and they are laying on their backs, it is very normal.

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Anonymous - 2005-02-26
Hi I`m Samantha. Hamsters are the coolest pets ever! They sleep a lot during the day so if you work or go to school they are the perfect pet. They don`t need to be let out to go to the bathroom and are great for kids but they should not be housed together unless you want babies or they are young.

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Jesse Hoffner - 2005-02-26
My name is Jesse and I have a Polish Dwarf. I have had him for two years now and he is the most personable rabbit I have ever met. I decided on the name Cadbury because I think it suits him best. This is the most pleasant animal in the world and if you ever consider getting a rabbit, I have to suggest a Polish Dwarf. They are great.

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Colleen - 2005-02-26
I have 2 kissing Gouramis in a 30 Gallon Tank. I read that their live span is 5 years. My fish are 12 YEARS OLD!!!

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BRITTANY - 2005-02-25
I have a black and white Dutch who i show. They are very excellent as pets and for show, i would recommend them to anyone. They are easy to groom, clip nails and very affecinate!

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Catty - 2005-02-25
I love guinea-pigs too! My guinea-pig Lily Blossom fell 3ft out the hutch this morning, but she was alright (bless!)

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Tabitha Riley - 2005-02-25
ive had mice for about two years now and im very happy that my parents said i could start breeding them :)

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jessica y. - 2005-02-25
I love this fish! but they are hyper active. they torment my gouramies and play vollyball with my snail. But I think they are pleasant!

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Avin - 2005-02-24
Never keep these birds in a cage. They will suffer tremendously. If you want to keep them provide them with spacious aviaries and they will be at their best. Please do not keep wild caught birds of this species as they are getting rarer by the day.

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brittani mullen - 2005-02-24
Ilove parakeets so much. i have one as a pet. it so beautiful and fun to play with. i love it so much and it loves me to. by brittani mullen, parakeets ROCK! yeah yeah


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