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Deanna - 2005-04-09
Your bird is beautiful! I love the birds name. Your macaw is the bird that actually brings out the colors

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Amy Chafin - 2005-04-09
I use to have a bunny like these, he was a real loveable ham. He was always wanted attention, and i always loved playing with him

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Art - 2005-04-09
My daughter went looking for a sand sifter to replace a gold headed sleeper and came home with a pink spotted. What a wonderful addition to my tank. The sales girl obviously didnt know what she had and practically gave my daughter the fish. It dosent bother with the tomato clown either and the tomato clown learned early to leave him alone ;) LOL

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Jessie - 2005-04-09
My mommy just bought me a mini rex last week. I loved my mini rex so much! She was grey and was very soft and I named her daisy. She died and I miss my daisy bunny so much but my mommy said we can get another.

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Benjamin - 2005-04-09
I have recentaly aquired two juvenile Blue tangs, they are doing well and I hope they live for a long time. They are fun to watch and beautifully colored. This sight is awlsome!!

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Seaman - 2005-04-08
You have a very good site

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Andrew B. - 2005-04-08
I have just set up my first marine aquarium, and thanks to all the helpful hints on your page, its doing swimmingly!

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Ramon Ortiz - 2005-04-08
Same deal with mine. I placed mine in the tank and the first thing that he did was dive into the sand. This fish is a beautiful specimen and a wonderful addition to any tank.

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cassie - 2005-04-08
I think guinea pigs are so cute. My neighbours have 3 girls named Zoey, Tigger, and Daisy. I help take care of them. I am hoping to get a baby. I want a boy and a girl. I love your site.

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slf - 2005-04-08
the guppy is a wonderful fish.
i love them!


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