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vicki coleman - 2005-03-10
My name is Vicki and I love my rats. They are very sweet and love to be held and kissed.

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Dale Howard - 2005-03-10
My parrot fish have had layed eggs about 4 days ago ang just this morning were hatching. My parrot fish are a beautiful sky blue color and my female i noticed was a bright yellow at the chest when it was in heat. Any way after i left for college this morning i came back to find that all the eggs had gone, and had beeen moved to a different part of the tank.

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E - 2005-03-10
Macaws are the coolest birds in the world!!!!!!

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T. L. C. - 2005-03-10
We just got our first 2 mice and adore them! Their names are " Annabelle" and "Ears" because Annabelle is colored like a cow and reminded us of the movie "Annabelles Wish" and Ears was the dog in the movie. They are very cute and curious!

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Brittany :) - 2005-03-10

Guinea pigs are fun lovable pets! They are easy to care for. My grandmother and I used to breed and care for these adorable pets. Guinea pigs are simple to care for, but you must keep them away from house pets such as dogs or cats.

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Jason - 2005-03-10
I bought 5 neon tetras and 2 pictus cats, 3 days later I had 1 neon tetra and 2 pictus cats, lol. Dont put neon tetras in a tank with pictus cats or larger fish. Also I would suggest an undergravel filter with Neons I had neons in two seperate aquariums and 2 different times some of my neons got caught in the filter intake.Of course after I turned off the filter the Neon sank to the bottom and the Pictus cats gobbled him up.

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Stacie - 2005-03-10
I just got my first little Lop. Her name is Floppy and she is solid black. She is so adorable.

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Alexandra Blakeley - 2005-03-09
I have a rabbit. Her name is Suga she is so cute. I will always love her. Oh yea she is so soft! When I come home from school I love to play with Suga. I love to brush her coat. She loves having people around her and she loves everyone patting her. She is quite easy to look after, all you have to do is feed her every day and give her water, cover her at night and most of all give her lots of love!

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Anonymous - 2005-03-09
holland is the best! greatings from a happy netherland dwarf (kleurdwerg /colour dwarf) dutch rabbit (hollander)owner. holland is the best.

Ashley from Nederland - 2005-03-09
Actually the people in holland call these animals hollander I have got two netherland dwarfs, 1 is madagascar(sparky (girl)) the other is black(jerry (boy)). I have got them outside and its a lot of fun as I let them run in the backgarden AND THEY ARE ALLWAYS VERY HAPPY. It is really cute to see them run in the snow. My first rabbit was a hollander(nibbeltje) She was rabbit gray and really sweet she was my big bunny. And I love all the rabbits of the world! greatings from the netherlands bunnyfraeck groeten uit nederland konijnengek


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